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Third update at the end.

Third update at the end.

Soooooooooo, Dd16 had extensive blood tests this week. Our pediatrician has medicated her with Pepcid since December . Multiple symptoms seemed as though it was an acid reflux. He said if it got worse, then we'd have to see gastro. It's been progressively getting worse. Saw pediatric cardio to rule that out. Saw gastro and she will have to have a scope in the hospital within the next couple weeks. They're testing everything from wheat allergy to lactose allergy and everything in between. I had a revelation this morning; to me she's showing classic signs of gallbladder. We shall see. We just need answers, she's suffered for a while now. Just pray for answers


Constant nausea
Periodically pain in chest
Burning in chest and throat

Any ideas?

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re: Sooooooooooooo

Maybe something like a stomach ulcer? Sending a prayer!

My DD, 16, has also had major blood work done in the last couple weeks. Still trying to figure out things with her. The numbers suggest hypothyroid, and she was found to have iron deficiency anemia. Her iron and ferritin are very low. So far, she is currently on iron supplements. We may have GI tests if her iron number doesn't come up.

re: Sooooooooooooo

I am sorry she is not feeling well.....

My thoughts:(besides the lactose/Wheat/Celiac

Gallbladder/Gallstones...(should have an ultrasound)

these would be seen on the Endoscopy....

GERD(acid reflux will def show on Endo even if she was treated with Pepcid...this is how I was DX)

Peptic Ulcer


if nothing shows physically than it could possibly be Anxiety. Those are all classic physical symptoms.

I hope you get some answers so she can feel better soon.

re: Sooooooooooooo

My doctor when I was young thought I had an ulcer. This old man prescribed flat Coca Cola, and my symptoms went away. It has to be flat though.

Fast forward 25 years and another doctor had me scoped and told me I had gerd and told me I needed to take this prescription medication or I may get stomach cancer. The medicine was very very expensive, I paused at taking it and did some online research, which may or may not be good, but I found out that cranberry juice, real cranberry juice not cocktail and not watered down, heals the stomach and kills the hphylori that is often the cause of gerd. I took cranberry juice everyday and my symptoms went completely away. Now anyone with these symptoms would think cranberry juice would hurt but it didn't, it brought relief. (Oh yes I used ginger too, would take an inch or so and put it into water to make tea. Ginger is a super food it kills bad stuff.)

THis might not be your thing but it might be interesting to see if they help.

I have found over time that the symptoms for too much acid also mirror the symptoms of too little stomach acid. Most doctors don't seem notice this problem and end up treating people for too much stomach acid and this can make matters worse.

If you suspect it may be too little stomach acid you can have her eat broccoli raw before she eats a meal. This will stimulate acid in the belly and it may be interesting then to see if her issues go away. Also avoid corn.

People with celiac or gluten issues tend to have low stomach acid (but the two don't have to go together) and that is why milk gives them trouble it is not that they are actually lactose intolerant it is that they don't have enough stomach acid to digest the milk. For some going to whole milk helps. But if it turns out to be low stomach acid then you may notice that eating too much potatoes also makes her feel off.

Just throwing a few things out there, hope it helps.

For low stomach acid you can put her on digestive enzymes (I love ortho moleculars digestive enzymes) before each meal, and you may find that all her symptoms go away. Low stomach acid can come and go, and is common during times of stress, so it just may be that she has stress right now and that by doing a few things for relief, you may find that this will pass in a few weeks.

re: Sooooooooooooo

Have you received any results on her labs? Is this the same dd that was wearing the holter monitor because of heart rate issues?

I've got a dd and she has had all of your dd's symptoms and more over the years. She was having horrible headaches and had a brain MRI because they were worried that she had a brain tumor. She has tummy issues and if she catches a cold that is going around it turns into way more EVERY SINGLE TIME. This summer she had pneumonia. We've been in ER 3x for high rate. When she was an infant she suffered from severe, severe, severe Reflux. I couldn't leave the house because she couldn't sit in the car seat. And interesting to note - she is the very physically active and healthy overall.

We've run the gamut of tests. Echos, stress tests, gastro - you name it. And you know what the issue has been - anxiety. Yep, anxiety. Any changes, high pressure situations, social interactions that include difficult people, etc. -- those same symptoms come back. What really brings them on full force is if she thinks she is going to become ill.

Unfortunately anxiety can run in families - there appears to be a genetic link and when it is seen in young people it is something that they will deal with the rest of their life.

re: Sooooooooooooo

If it's anxiety, I recommend herbs and an exercise like pilates, yoga, essentrics. These things really help and don't have side effects.

re: Sooooooooooooo

Hopefully, something will come up on the testing. Praying for answers and some action that leads to relief!

re: Sooooooooooooo

Thanks for all the replies.

My daughter has never had any anxiety. She is a happy-go-lucky , fun loving person. There's just some things you know. It's kind of like my cardiologist handed me a Xanax prescription at the initial time of my heart troubles. I gave it back and said, there's something wrong. He was either going to find it or I was going to find someone who would.

On that note, she is scheduled for next week to have the scope. Something IS going on.


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