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re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

And by that I mean the World Wide Web not my own Internet . So of course like the 6 million other people we are without power ; even if people do have it you get it sometimes it goes right back out . This storm was like no other . Hurricanes usually move in and do with their going to do and move out . But since the storm was so large it went on for over 13 hours . From the tip of Florida to about almost Central Florida we got that half when it was going through Florida and Cuba and it stalled just like it did in Texas it sat there and sat there . Then when it decided to make the northerly turn up the West Coast we were still getting that half which is like we got two whole storms in one. people in northern Florida only got it once but we were having it twice in two different directions .

Our house is intact , our large trees are down we didn't get any water damage other than one little spot on the house but it had nothing to do with the roof .

But it's like 9000° down here . It's been officially two days with no power . There's no swimming because the pool water is pitch black . There are no words to describe the kind of force, the kind of sound , when you have wind 110 /120 miles an hour coming at your house . The water in our toilets was literally shaking.

I know people say be thankful that you have your house and you don't have flooding and I absolutely agree . But when you're sitting in this kind of heat will you can barely even breathe trying to clean up the aftermath is unbelievable .

I had made up a lot of food but we never ever imagined that we would not be able to get a refrigerator on a generator after just a few hours . So other than what is in one freezer most everything else I have will probably have to get dumped because there is no ice and there is no gas . We have enough gas to run a generator for six days and after that it's done . All of our family and friends did not get any catastrophic damage either .

On that note I'm going to make a cup of coffee sit out in the coolness of the morning and pray that we get our power back today . My brother warned me that it could be months but he is not in charge down here he is in charge of North Florida where they had a lot of the catastrophic water .

So far we have had one week and a couple of days without school . I know it's easy to say to do school just sit down do it, But when your just surviving from day today and absolutely everything you do takes 10 times as long you just can't do it . Which reminds me I will need to give a abeka a call I'm sure they know what's going on and I'm sure I'm not the only one I'm not sure what happens in cases like this everything would have to be in late

People in Miami will not even be allowed back into their homes starting today at noon . Three bridges in the keys are completely out and you don't build those overnight so I'm assuming those people will not get back to their homes for a very very very long time .

We will get through this we have before . Each time we learn something new that we would do differently .

I have family sprinkled all throughout the state everyone's doing well except for my husband's family and us down here none of us have any power so it's not like we can go to another person's home .

TTFN can anyone tell me what is happening with the storm José I have no weather radio I have no idea whether we should keep the panels up I don't know anything about what's going on the last I heard a few days ago was that it was kind of meandering out in there .

I'm doing voice activation so please ignore all spelling punctuation and run on sentences

re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

I am so relieved that you and your family are safe and sound - weary, tired, and even a little bit of ptsd thrown in there for good measure - but safe and sound. I pray your power returns quickly so you can begin cleanup but I pray that you are able to rest and recover despite the heat and discomfort. Take the time from school - I know, you report to Abeka, but do what is most important. All of you are in the same situation t0 many varying degrees.

I follow a very trusted weather guy on FB who have proven his track record of storms - winter and summer - and I just read his update on Jose. We will know more by the end of the weekend but most important for you to know - Florida is not even being discussed as the track. Could be NC coast and upwards but not headed your way. Strange happenings in the Atlantic this year but, for now, rest, recover, clean up and move forward.


re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

cricket, I would be done for in that kind of heat. I complain about cold winters in Minnesota but you can always put another layer on to stay warm. Praying for your needs!

re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

I am so glad all of you are ok. I was very worried.

They are saying 65% of FL is without power. I hope you get your back on soon.

As far as Jose.....well.....they are watching that one. Early models are saying it could make landfall anywhere between the Carolinas to up here on either RI Coast or Cape Cod. I am praying it does not. However, we are prepared should it come this way. It would not be anything like Irma. However, just having sustained winds of TS force could do some serious, serious damage up here.

Looks like Jacksonville really got hit hard as well.

And a friend of mine lives in Cape Coral, and her boat is trashed :(

Prayers to all of you...........

re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

Glad you are doing as well as you are. I understand heat and how oppressive that feels. Thanks for checking in when you could. We've all been praying for you ladies.
God bless,

re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

So, so relieved to hear from you, cricket! Praise the Lord you all are safe and sound. I'll pray with you thta power gets restored and you can slowly return to a state of normalcy and orderliness. HUGS

re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

Glad to know that you are safe and your home stands. Praying your electric gets back on. We once were without for 12 days, due to an ice storm. It really is just survival. School can wait....

re: So I finally have Internet for a few minutes

I'm so sorry, cricket. I know that Florida's heat is SO intense (AND humidity, ugh), that surely makes your situation really hard. I'll be praying that you guys get your power back on ASAP. I'm so glad that you and your family are all safe!

Don't worry about your schoolwork; I'm sure A Beka totally understands. You'll get back to it soon enough. (((hugs)))


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