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Gr8ful, are you okay there in GA?

re: Gr8ful, are you okay there in GA?


Glad you are ok and no Tornadoes!!!

Our resort is in the Dominican. And PTL all is fine there.

Now it looks like it might be our turn. Jose has been the talk up here as it may make landfall in RI/Cape Cod coast. Nothing compared to Irma. But even TS winds could do some very serious damage.(Think 100 year old oak trees and massive Pine trees all around my house....) They don't bend like Palms. They just snap.

Praying it stops raining for you and you get your power back...

re: Gr8ful, are you okay there in GA?

Our resort is in the Dominican.

Sorry 'bout that. I don't know how I got PR in my head. I hope the woman who posted from PR is okay.

I will be praying about Jose. Unfortunately, I know first-hand how much damage "just" a TS can do. Alberto caused catastrophic damage in 1994, far greater damage than any storm with higher winds, even Irma.

Amazingly, our power never went out! Everyone else we know (except for immediate neighbors) did lose power. IMHO, that was a miracle, for which we are very grateful.

SO MANY trees and power lines are (still!) down due to the huge number, school systems are still out tomorrow.


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