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Please evacuate

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FL governor said today that Irma is bigger and stronger than Andrew, which was a cat 5 storm, the biggest/strongest to ever hit Florida.

I had heard earlier that he had declared mandatory evacuations for all tourists in the Keys. Now it looks like that applies to everyone there.

ilovemychildren, I am so sorry about your situation. Everything you said makes perfect sense. I know that GOD IS ABLE to protect your whole family. I am praying for you and everyone else too. (((hugs)))

re: Please evacuate

At this point, in my opinion, it's not wise to attempt to leave. We saw traffic on 95 backed up when we were out and about today. I've heard 75, which goes right up to where I'd go for family, is a seven hour back up.

With the number of mandatory evacuations, I'm not in those areas. I don't want to add to the number of ppl on the highway. I don't want to get stuck on the highway with no access to gas or hotels for who knows how long.

We have shuttered our home, we have bought all the necessary supplies, and I'll spend tomorrow packing up plastic containers and bags that can be grabbed should our home (located about 10-15 miles inland in St Lucie County), become dangerous or damaged.

My husband still has to report to work tomorrow and possibly Friday, not sure about Saturday. He is in a business where it's all about the bottom I think ppl are going to be out buying cars, no, but we can't afford for his employer to tell him work or be fired...he has to have a job.

So, while I'm all supportive of those needing to evacuate bc of living in trailers, on the islands, on the river, in low lying areas, etc, my family doesn't meet any of those criteria. We are in a well built home, built in 2007, and structurally sound. We are praying and preparing and doing what we feel is best for our family.

Also, keep in mind that preparing for a hurricane isn't cheap, and not everyone has extra money to spend on fuel while evacuating and paying for hotels. You should pray for everyone's safety rather than make rash judgments.


re: Please evacuate


Praying for you!

You'd said
>>the fear of riding out a storm not in your home, but on a highway, in a virtual coffin on wheels. <<

and I wanted to agree, and also mention that everything you said about that is why Houston didn't order evacuations, because they said the WORST place to be in a flood is in a vehicle, and many lives were lost during Katrina when they tried to drive, and were caught in flood waters. So you are spot on with the best professional assessment of how to manage it. There is much more flexibility not being trapped in a vehicle. God bless and protect you all!

A quote about that:
"You literally cannot put 6.5 million people on the road," Turner [Houston mayor] said last week. "If you think the situation right now is bad, you give an order to evacuate, you are creating a nightmare."

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re: Please evacuate

It "might" come to the Gulf coast, too.

"Hurricane Irma's cone of potential landfall currently includes the entire state of Florida, meaning that residents may not be able to flee to the state's Gulf coast to avoid its wrath."

re: Please evacuate

Sherrie, it is beyond ridiculous that your dh has to work. That is unbelievable. Your family will be in my prayers.

re: Please evacuate

Praying for all of those who are in Irmas path .

Please check in when you are able

re: Please evacuate

ilovemychildren, I have not heard anything about Broward; only Keys and Miami. Though they usually evacuate east of US 1 because I have a friend there and she always has to leave.

My brothers son left the college down here and my brother had him travel through the night. His tank was full, but no gas all the way up.

There is no ice. People bought up all the ice to fill coolers to get in the car and leave. I have an SUV, I can get all the way to GA w/o stopping. But there is no gas all the way up; my nephew said so.

So this morning my mom went to top off her gas and all the people down here went up there and took their gas. Supplies are going fast all the way up the state. There is nothing for no one .

My brother is an engineer for my power company. He said 36 Semi trucks rolled in yesterday morning and it was all gone by night time. They carried everything from generators to anything you could imagine.

I went to get my B12 today, the nurse told me that she knows a firefighter and all the police and firefighters have sent their families off to where ever.

I am scared, really scared. So I just pray ; and that's all I can do. God has already blessed me with medical miracles; so he is still in the business of miracles.

I probably said this already , but I am one of six homes in a culdesac. They all have 6 foot walls around them. They must have been models back in the day; not sure. The only opening is my driveway. Last hurricane the wall stopped so much stuff from hitting my house. It's a really big plus. Plus, I am in the middle of two of the homes ( three on each side), so that is another plus.

We decided two days ago we would stay, because at that point it looked to cover the whole state. If it had been hitting just one area, we might have left. But leaving could get you into a bigger situation. North FL has nothing; no food , and no gas so what's the darn point in leaving?

An hour can make the biggest difference. I just hate that every stinking storm we get, hits in the wee hours or middle of the night. I just hate that part.

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re: Please evacuate

Broward was low-lying areas only I think...not the whole county. Info gets misconstrued with the media, and then everyone starts panicing.


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