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re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

mayberrymom, I hope they get him out of there. Colleges on the west coast are sending the kids home.

And seriously, if I was going to get all this attention; I wish it were because I have a wart on the end of my nose instead of hurricane.

But my A/C is fixed thank God. Did I say that already? LOL So now I'm cooking and washing. DD has a volleyball game tonight; business as usual. LOL

The deal is, if you haven't been through one that was at least a CAT 3; then you have no idea what a CAT 5 can do. We had a CAT 3 blow through and every tree blocked our way, and we could not get out of our culdesac for 4 days. My front door is hurricane proof and it rattled so loudly that we had to scream to hear each other talk.

Ilovemychildren, if you have anyone at all you can stay with , please do it if you're not able to prepare or feel vulnerable.

My feeling is that God can take care of me anywhere, just like he did Noah in the ark. Because God always had his people physically prepare; then I do the best I can physically and pray most of all.

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re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

Central FL here on the west coast. Praying for my FL friends especially y'all south FL peeps. Hugs!

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

oh boy.....the Caribbean is being hit hard. Praying for your nephew MayberryMommy.

And for you as well Blessedwfour. Stay safe.

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re: re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

We are on the Treasure Coast, and we are staying. DH is putting up shutters today, and I've done my shopping. At this point, I just don't know where safety would be as far as evacuation. Now that there are mandatory visitor evacuations in the Keys, traffic is only gong to get worse. We are praying and doing what we can to adequately prepare. We are about 10-12 miles inland, so we will see.


re: re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

I am still in the panhandle working some long shifts. I have 7 more days before I head home. DH just started looking for stuff today. He said everybody is already out of batteries, water, etc. He was able to buy tons of soft drinks. Sandbags are gone. We have flood insurance. Hopefully, I have not forgotten to pay the premium.

The old people who live with us cannot evacuate on their own. DH cannot get out because of his job. Once the power goes out, he will be OK, but when he loses backup internet, he is in trouble. He is probably the luckiest man on the face of the earth, so I suspect he will be fine.

I am in the RV. If a hurricane comes to me, I will be in the hospital anyway. It really doesn't matter what happens to the RV. At least I will have solar power and a little refrigerator if no one breaks into it. I can hold 6 days of Stouffer's. Lol.

I have met a few survivors of Harvey now. It is hard to imagine being stuck in a car or truck for 5 days. Just imagine trying to keep the small space ventilated, no water, and no where to urinate except out the window.

Evacuating isn't fun either. Just trying to get out of a total eclipse city taught me how hard and frustrating that is.

I am thankful to see our Florida peeps getting prepared, at any rate. Hopefully, those who do not have mandatory jobs will evacuate now so it will be easier for others as the week progresses.

re: re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

Praying for your individual situations, ladies.
Your in God's hands and He loves you dearly.
Michelle 32

re: re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

Praying for you both mom2caleb and Minnie.

I just heard on the new that the keys are under a mandatory evacuation . I didn't hear anything about just visitors .

If there was a such thing as a Cat6 hurricane , this would be it. Top winds are now at 185 mph. This could potentially destroy entire cities .

I don't even live in Florida and even I'm scared of what this could do to people in its path.

Praying that this thing just turns and goes out to see, or st least weaken before it hits.


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