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re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

And any other Florida friends on here....

With Irma now being a Cat 5 storm, I am praying that it turns and goes out to sea.

Please check in here when you can and let all of us know how you are doing.

Praying hard for you.....

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

Yep , a CAT 5. I've only been through a CAT 3 and that was horrible. AS long as I don't get water, and my neighbors tree doesn't fall through my family room, I will be OK.

Miami is going to be all under water. Miami was built way back in the day and the draining system is old. Even now when it rains for a whole day; people have water in the house and businesses . It's going to be really bad down there.

This storm is just skirting the Islands, so there is nothing to break it up and slow it down. I just pray the eye stays off the coast. Even with that , our winds will be tremendous.

It's going to be bad, really bad. and I hope and pray that it doesn't go back to TX.

Getting my appts lined up early for this week. Much to do , so I probably wont be checking back in. I want it to go further south or make the turn now.

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....


I know you probably have lots to do to prepare for this storm. I cannot even imagine living through a Cat5 storm.

Will you be evacuating? Can you go further north to your mom's house?

The news here is not mincing words on this. Very worried about you and the family.

Please check in whenever you are able to. Stay safe and praying for you all.

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

The window for leaving would be now , so I guess we are not leaving. If you see the models; many of them show it entering the tip of my state and shooting straight through, so we will stay put.

This storm reminds me of Punta Gorda( sp?) . They kept saying it would hit us and then through the night it sneaked between us and Cuba and went in at Punta on the west coast. They were unprepared; thinking it was going to hit us, but it did a mini U-turn and hit them. They were thinking it would have slowed way down before reaching them.

If it shoots straight through the state, Miami and Orlando will be the worst of it. Orlando is like a fish bowl sort of like New Orleans. And Miami needs a complete overhaul.

When Andrew hit my oldest was 9 months old. Only our lights flickered and we never lost power. However, others lost everything and homes were leveled to their foundation. A few miles can make a huge difference.

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

Praying that it just stays away. Not hit any of the US at all and spins out to sea.

I know you have lots to do, so just check in here whenever you are able to.

Please stay safe.

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

I'm still here. I'm in the middle of the cone right now so yikes! God will provide.

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....


Thanks for checking in. I'm sorry, for some reason I forgot you were in FL. (my bad).

Praying for you and your family. Stay safe.

re: Cricket, Minnie....Check in thread....

I have a nephew in a scuba boat in the Carribean right now. He has worked there all summer. They are doing somewhere in the Bahamas on Friday.

*is should've read DOCKING in the Bahamas.

His car is parked in ft. Lauderdale.

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