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re: One week away

BTW, about flood insurance: On the blurb for 20/20 tonight, one segment was said to be about people in NE who were denied flood insurance in the aftermath of Hurr Sandy. I wasn't clear on whether their claims from that storm weren't accepted, or whether they couldn't get ins after that. Dh was watching football, so I didn't watch it. Maybe kesa knows.

I do not live in a flood zone. (I am high up on a hill and not near any water).

When Irene hit, we got a lot of rain. But we were lucky. Not so much for the people in Vermont though. Which is not even a coastal state.

Houses were wiped out from the rain waters. Roads just caved in. It was one the saddest thing I have ever seen.

We camp a lot up in the area that was hit the hardest, and the owners of the campground we visit all the time was also hit hard.

The lovely beach area next to the river was completely washed out. The grounds were flooded. What a mess.

They did have flood insurance. And the insurance company did pay. However, the amount of insurance they had was so small, it didn't even cover 3/4 of the damage. After all, Vermont isn't a state that gets hurricanes, nor have they had any type of flood since the late 1800's.

After Irene so many people tried to get flood insurance. And nobody would insure them. It wasn't until about 3 years ago 2 insurance companies came in and wrote policies. But premiums were through the roof.

From what the owners have told me, they now have flood insurance as well. But their premium remains very high.

So I am not sure about the rest of the residents of that area now if they continue to carry it, or they just said forget it.

Now with Irma on everyone's mind, I have been reading that everyone up and down the New England Coast are now very worried about flooding(even those inland). And wind.

Weather forecasters have us on alert up here. Even though we would probably not take a direct hit. The winds could be very damaging here. Florida and southern states do not have the kind of trees we have here. Palm trees bend. We have 100+ year old oak trees that can be uprooted or snapped in only 40 mph sustained winds.

We are still recovering from an F3 tornado that ripped through here in 2011. (One of the scariest times of my life). So, we are all hoping Irma takes a hike and stays away.

Eta....I know Sandy was mentioned, but I only know about Hurricane Irene.

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re: One week away

After Wilma hit, Nationwide ins and others dropped everyone. I had been with them for over 20 years and never filed a claim. They only thing offered to us was out of state ins and govt ins.

But now we have national insurance. IF people don't have ins; then it's because truly can't afford it, but its not because they can't get it.

People in the Carolinas have vacation homes and refuse to ins; knowing the gov will bail them out. And we do, over and over and over.

However, on the news the other night; there was a guy on saying that the flood ins pot is low. Of course it is; hands always dipping into the pot. They have to make up different pots so Americans are none the wiser.

None of the prominent ins companies write policies in our state, which kills me because all the other states have flooding , wildfires, earthquakes and tornadoes.

But home ins is like health, if they can get us all on the govt ins; then they can pick and choose who gets it, or none at all and keep it for themselves.

Water and food is flying off the shelves. I was out this morning getting my chicken to cook and shred and my eggs to boil. No one can ever understand my cart. LOL I already have all the usual stuff.

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cricket, if your power goes out, do you have a generator to keep your fridge running for that cooked shredded chicken and the boiled eggs? Just wondering how you all manage as far as perishables....

re: re: One week away

Yes, I have two fridges. I will not put my kitchen on a generator. I learned my lesson the last time. Generators are great, but they are hard on appliances. So I don't use my nice microwave above my stove or my kitchen fridge. I have a dorm room microwave I set up and use and a fridge ( just a regular top and bottom) in my garage. All my meat is there. Kitchen fridge is only regular stuff, but no meat. I keep veggies and microwave food in that freezer.

Arent you glad I told you that? Of course today my A/C decided to break. There is no luck of the Irish, it's a curse. LOL

We are now under a state of emergency. Lovely. As long as my new roof stays on and my house holds up , I'll be happy.

Over and out.

It seems like they keep bumping the arrival of this thing sooner and sooner. Didn't it start out hitting Monday? Now it's like Friday/Saturday.

Kesa, I took your advice; got all the shopping done today. Pick up meds tomorrow and rescheduling my B12 for this week instead of next.

re: re: One week away

I'm glad to hear you got your shopping done and out of the way.

I am very worried about this storm and I really hope that you don't take a direct hit.

I know forecasters can tend to hype things. And usually our "I'm not really a meteorologist but follow the weather " type people are always the voice of reason. But not this time.

I know you are watching closely.

And certainly don't want your new roof to end up in Kansas........


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Awwwww cricket, praying you all do not get touched by this hurricane! Praying it heads out to sea...

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kesa, your post and cricket's post are very informative. Your posts reminded me of things I heard (must have been in the aftermath of Irene) about people in NE and FL having a very hard time getting flood insurance. That's just not right. :(

cricket, what do you do with shredded chicken and boiled eggs? I would love to know just in case.

We're watching the weather reports. They're saying this storm is as big, and stronger, than Harvey. Which is mind-boggling. The radar pictures remind me of H. Andrew back in the '90s, and I remember that aftermath very well. We are praying for everyone in the storm's path.

Eta: They're saying that if the storm follows the European model, it might affect our weather. :O

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