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If you were told to evacuate

re: If you were told to evacuate

Minnie, yesterday morning we had a red spot on the radar move right over us, no rain fell. Yesterday afternoon while we were at the Dr. ( my son stepped on a nail) there was a cloudburst that lasted all of 2 minutes. I had to stop and smell the air because it smelled so strange, not like a first rain after a dry spell but something way different. The fire whistle blew 3 times while we were in town, all different lightning fires. My husband was at the county fire station to give them a donation but despite all the cars, no one was there. All the fires near us, except one, have been very small fires. We think people are on standby on the road.

Minnie, I failed to answer your question. We have had a few sprinkles but no real rain. we have had less than an inch all spring and summer. We needed .18 of an inch by the 31 to tie the all time low for rain this summer. We did not get any rain in town. Different town than Dr.

I find this all time dry fascinating. Dryer than the 30ies. On the other had, I get a bit snarky over the flood. It isn't that I don't feel bad for the people of Texas but that we have been giving and giving and now all the TV and social networks want you to give to the flood. I feel like we don't exist to the rest of the world because very few people live here, our problem is long going, and we take care of our own and ourselves the best we can.

California has extreme heat and fires, Oregon and Montana are on fire.

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re: If you were told to evacuate

Is there a group you can recommend for donations that are helping the farmers? I know you want to keep your location private, so I am wondering if there is a more general charity?

re: If you were told to evacuate

For monetary donations to fire victims, contact Sig Pugrud at the Petroleum Co. Stockgrowers, 406-429-7801, or send checks to "Garfield County Fire Foundation," Redwater Valley Bank, P.O. Box 60, Circle, MT 59215.

This is for the lodge poll fire. The fire is out but our church is still working there. Cows need hay, water needs to be restored, people are donating money for fuel and oil to truck drivers, and many other needs. We have a post pounder there for the hundreds of miles of fence that needs to be replaced. This fire was roughly the size of Rhode Island.

Right now there are fires by Miles City and another by Haver that don't have fire relief funds setup yet. There are fires by Helena and Billings that are burning.

This is the best link for active fires in Montana, still no rain. No rain is better than lightning.

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re: If you were told to evacuate

Interesting question. We have an emergency bag, but it is really for if the power goes out here at home (candle, flashlight with fresh batteries, transistor radio, cash, etc.).

But for an evacuation? We've never prepared or considered it.
DH and I quite quickly I think.

Our issue: The dogs and whichever elderly relative we are housing at the time. Medications are centralized, but clothing and mobility would be big considerations there.




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