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Yes, I would love to live a day in the life of Miss Mayberry as well. But, I would do it cautiously as she works much harder, and has more irons in the fire, than I ever had. I would never call her a stay-at-home mom in the connotation I mentioned above. She works at multiple businesses along with her husband and children. I would never worry about a mom like Miss Mayberry being unable to support herself in the event of tragedy.

In the meantime, I have added to my bucket list to find her after her last child leaves home so I could be squeezed in for a glass of lemonade at her kitchen table.

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I am left wondering not just at her lack of value for the girl who wants Mr. Right, not a bunch of Mr. Wrongs, and wants a family, but also of whether she took the girl (age of school girl?) entirely too literally.

It's not like the girl said she was going to be doing nothing while waiting for Mr. RIGHT.

Obviously she was NOT doing nothing. She WAS self employed already. Was 😔.

She didnt say she was going to twiddle her thumbs while waiting.

Who knows how long she will have to wait for Mr. Right and what trade she learns while she waits.

The Lord directs our paths.

While she waits she might...WORK, go to school, learn a trade, develop multiple interests & passions.

I just think maybe the doc took this student too literally.

I also think it is okay to respect a girl for saying she is "waiting". It could be a lot of girls at her school aren't "waiting" (even the ones with big professional goals).

Maybe there was something else the doctor saw in her that brought this on besides what was revealed in brief chatter in the office. Something that made her question her decision to leave her children with the girl. Immaturity, naivity, childishness, other qualities unrelated to just the girl's simple short term/long term goals.

Hope it wasn't just that. If so, that's sadly pathetic on doc's part.

A person who loves family and children and has other good characteristics makes for a good sitter I woud think.
Some of us even make good school teachers, lol.
Homeschool 😉😊😁

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I really want to join you two for lemonade that day!!!!

Can I can I please please please!?!

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i don't think your ddoctor was irritated at the idea of staying home..but at the idea of not having any other goal. We don't know the context of the conversation; maybe the young woman truly had no other life goals but to get married and have babies. Sadly, there is alot more to being a wife/mother than just "showing up" and having babies. My mother always said that she was the "Vice President of Everything"...and "running a home is a business"...and she is right.

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We all know that mother hood is baptism by fire, meaning that in marriage and mothering we all take on a lot more than we truly understood when we took those vows on our wedding days, and we learn the hard way how demanding those jobs really are and most of us grow and learn and manage.

So what if this girls goal is to be a wife and mother?

So what if that is her *only* goal? To *only* be a wife and mother?

Wasn't this goal that Eve had, isn't this the very thing God hard wired into women's minds? Wasn't this goal of most women through out history until feminists convinced most women that that role is secondary and nonessential and can be hired out to nannies and daycare so that you can be a productive tax payer?

Oh I know it might not work out, the same goes for any career path or life choice we make and we all for the most part reroute in order to adapt.

Do we hear ourselves when we think on this and look on her with contempt thinking how terrible or sad it would be if this is her only goal in life.



We as mother's know this is the hardest thing we will ever do in our lives, yet would look down on a girl who makes that her number one priority? What are we *smarter*, *wiser*; she is just *foolish*, or *naïve* I suppose.

What if it does work out for her?

And if it doesn't she is not cut off from future rerouting, it is not like she quit high school in order to sit on a tuffet waiting for prince charming to show up...she is still taking classes and everything and could easily reroute in the future, but what is wrong with having this goal, what is wrong with loving that idea and working toward it and praying for it above some lousy job that pays money but can never fill that void?

Perhaps one day her husband and children will disagree with those who think so little of someone who makes marriage and family her highest priority.

My mother and grandmother and every woman who came before them would have spoken just like her, I guess they were simpletons and didn't realize the how much better their lives would have been had they* real* goals! lol

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You can't see me Lizbeth, but I'm standing and applauding!!

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Let's also not forget all of the other jobs that stay at home moms have traditionally taken on-jobs that are now farmed out to others who may or may not truly care about the people they are caring for.

I have spent days and days and hours and hours caring for my mother in law when she had to have a major surgery, my father when he was in a coma, my husband's elderly grandmother, church members who were not capable of caring for themselves.

Stay at home moms have traditionally been home centered-caring for the children, the home, the elderly, and being a help in their neighborhoods because they were actually home to do so!

Being a wife and mother is a noble goal and I applaud this young lady for bucking the culture and staying true to her heart's desire.

Oh how I wish my mother had been able to stay home with my siblings and myself when we were young. How differently our lives may have turned out.

Families need stay at home moms! Society needs stay at home moms! I think the news would be drastically different every day if more moms were able to stay home to care for and watch over their children.

I am so very, very thankful that my husband has been supportive of my staying home with our kids. Had he not, homeschooling would have never been an option. I wouldn't trade all the years, and days, and hours, and minutes that I've had with my children for any thing. I am so, so grateful.

My husband is more than able to support our family but we are far from wealthy and we have had to really keep a tight hold on the purse strings for most of our lives.

It has been so worth it.

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Mary the mother of Jesus was a stay at home mom!! :o)

That's all the example we need right there! :o)


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