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2004-2005 school year
This is my "typical day" post from the old HSR forum 6 years ago. Underneath, I have our new typical day.
Dad: 53
Mom: 38
Son: 7 (2nd gr)
Daughter: 4

There is really no such thing as a "typical" day in our house. Here's our basic plan, but we are always ready to adjust as needed.

My dd attends 4k at a church pre-school 3 days per week (M,W,F 9-12) and my ds attends a home school academy on Tuesdays (9-1). My ds also has speech therapy at the bright and early time of 8:00 on Mon. mornings!

On M,W,F, my ds and I start school after dropping off dd at pre-school. We use ACE paces and do 4-5 pages per day per subject. We always do them in the same order. We start w/Bible to begin our day in God's word. Ds reads aloud the Bible passage in the pace and I discuss it w/him. Then he answers the pace ques. Then, we start w/his most difficult subject and finish w/his easiest. We do them in this order: Math, Lit/Creative Writing, Word Building, English and Science. We usually are close to finishing between 9-12 while my dd is at pre-school. If we're not finished, we finish when she gets home. On Thur, we do school in the same order, but we start anytime we want.

We use paces like this: I have my son read his pace directions to me to be sure he understands what to do. He reads the science pace aloud to me and I ask him "open ended" discussion ques. These do not relate to the pace ques. and do not "give away" the answers to them. This is to encourage "critical thinking."

If there is a new concept in math or English, I explain it to him and do examples on the dry erase board. I also let him do sample problems on the dry erase board. He LOVES this. If we have Dr appts or a "crisis" occurs, I just hand the pace to ds (or we take them w/us) and he works independently.

We have a small "school room" w/maps, 2 cool desks w/"secretary chairs", a couch, storage cabinet and a large dry erase board. This keeps us organized! Both dc love their desks and spend a lot of the day in the school room when we're NOT "doing school."

On Tue, my son goes to the hs academy. They study Medieval history using the classical approach. He studies the art, music, drama, literature and history of the time period. He also takes a 1 hour science elective. They do cool experiments like dissecting a pig's eye! We do no pace work on Tue.

To supplement this study, I use SOTW vol 2 w/both my ds and dd. She loves to sit in w/big brother and its amazing how much she remembers and how proud she is of her history notebook. We try to do this on Thur, but sometimes we skip several weeks and other times we do this many times a week or even on Saturday. I try to use read aloud books to go w/the time period.

We're also doing "The 21 Rules of This House" together. My dd especially loves coloring the "rule" sheet and both dc are VERY QUICK to point out when mom or dad "breaks" a rule!

Except for history, all school work is usually completed either before lunch or shortly afterwards. The kids are turned loose to play in the yard. At some point, they usually come in to watch some TV or play computer games. I pretty much let them do what they want.

My ds loves to read and my dd loves me to read to her. We try to go to the library 1 day a week a pick out some books and videos. Both kids are also "crafty" and are constantly making things. My ds is quite an artist and likes to draw and color and paing. My dd enjoys coloring and painting. They usually make things or "play act" based on what they're learning in history.

In addition to our school work, we also try to set up play dates w/friends. We're pretty active in seasonal sports. Ds and dd both play soccer. Ds plays coach's pitch baseball. He also takes karate 2-3 times per week year round. Both kids swim at our neighborhood pool in the summer and hope to make the swim team next summer.

On Sundays we attend church. They are both in church choir and attend Pioneer Club and Scooters at church on Wed. nights.

In addition to these activities, our local zoo and museum have home school classes on a monthly basis and we try to attend all of these. We also take many field trips as a family.

While kids are playing or ds is doing pace work, I try to keep the house clean, check out email and my message boards and groups, etc. Our house is clean, but not "white glove" clean. Both kids make their beds every morning and straighten their rooms every evening. But these have definitely been overlooked at times. I try to stay on top of laundry and cooking/cleaning. But I'm no Mrs. Clean.

Dh leaves for work about 6:30 every morning. The dc and I get up around 7, sometimes I get up to see dh off, but not every morning. I try to have dd in bed between 8-8:30 and ds between 8:30-9. Sometimes its later b/c karate lasts too long and we don't eat dinner until 8! Neither dc naps, but I do let them zone in front of a movie in the afternoon and sometimes I'VE been known to doze off.

We school during the traditional public school year. We read in the summer, but don't do much else and definitely don't do our pace work.

Throw in an occasional sick child, a few temper tantrums and sibling squabbling, a happy meal a week and this is our crazy, mixed up, home school life!

2010 typical day
dh - 59
Me - 43
ds - 13/8th gr
dd - 10/5th gr

Our typical day now goes like this. We wake up around 8:00-8:30. After breakfast, dressing, etc., we begin school at 9:00.

We use a combo of CLE, R&S, and ACE. Each child does individual work. I'm available to make assignments, help w/ques. or grade the work. We do our regular school work 4 days per week. On Wednesdays, my kids take a home school art lesson, dd has piano lessons, ds has guitar lessons. We do only math and IEW US History based writing on Wed. We have church on Wed nights. Since we have so many outside appts this day, all of the extras count as school and we do extra work the other 4 days. We also use this day to watch educational dvds and movies, do science experiments, etc.

We usually finish our 4 day weeks by 2:00 pm. If we sleep late and start later, it could take well into the afternoon. If everyone gets "ansty" during school, we take a longer lunch break and spend some time outdoors. Because we use a 4 day week, we do more pages per day in our paces. We take the entire summer off.

On Sunday night, ds attends youth group and plays guitar in the youth praise band. Both kids participate in local community theater productions.

Ds is too old for the sports in the area. All the sports for Upward and the Y end in 6th gr., so dd won't have sports available to her for much longer either.

We have no local home school co-ops, home school academies, no zoo or museum where we now live.


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