The Swap Meet

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Welcome to The Swap Meet at is the forum where you can post to trade, swap, buy, barter or sell your curricula and other homeschooling related items.

Rules of the Road:

1. This forum is NOT for professional sellers of homeschooling products or services. It is intended as a resource for parents, not businesses.

2. You must have an email address to participate. We suggest that you consider getting a free email address from Yahoo, Hotmail, or Google to discourage spamming of your real email address. Once you are contacted by someone who wants to buy your product, you can give them your personal email to complete the transaction. Most people find Paypal a good way to handle the money exchange.

3. Please mark things sold when they are no longer available. To do this, login to HomeSchoolReviews. Click into your original post and then click the "edit" link to the right of your username and title. Type SOLD as the first word in the title. This technique works for all of the threads you start. So, if you post a WTB ad, you can change it to "WTB- XYZ found it" or something similar as well.

4. Please conduct your swap meet business honestly. Chances are people will be more likely to swap with you if you have built up a good reputation on by posting reviews and here in the forums.

Thanks and happy swapping!

- The HomeSchoolReviews Team

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