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BJU vs. Sonlight?

re: BJU vs. Sonlight?

Okay, so I do have something to add.

Wondering what ages your child/children are?

I only say this with your best interest at heart. I fear you may be making the typical "first time homeschooling mistake".

I did it my first year, and I bet almost everyone here can say the same.
What is the mistake: Investing waaaay tooo much $$$$$$ into the wrong curriculum.

I am not saying that either BJU or Sonlight is the wrong curriculum. They both have pros and cons, if it the pros outweigh the cons for your family, wonderful! But my fear comes because you said you have narrowed it down to these two, and OMG, you could not have picked two VERY different curriculums. That would make me think that perhaps you are not quite sure of what direction you want your HSing to follow. That's fine, most of us start out like that and probably change directions several times along the way.

Had you said you wanted to go with a Lit-based program, and was thinking about Sonlight, or MFW, or WP, or something, okay, seems like you have decided Lit-based philosophy is for you, and just need to decide on curriculum.

Had you said that you wanted to go with a text-based program, and trying to decide between BJU, Rod and Staff, Abeak or etc, okay, that makes sense.

But to have narrowed it down to these two, COMPLETELY OPPOSITE programs, you are scaring me, lol!!

Can you share why you like either one? What do you think your child would like to do on a daily basis? How involved you want to be on a daily basis (based on your child's age, of course).

Just my thoughts!

re: BJU vs. Sonlight?

As you have heard, both BJU and SL are completely opposite...not only in WHAT is taught, but how. God's word is woven throughout BJU's subjects. Bible is 'tacked on' when it comes to Sonlight. There is NO integrated history/Bible. (We have used 6 Sonlight cores). (I didn't really discover until this year (with a different curric.) how the Ancient civilizations fit into Old Testament)

Here is my .02 about both. BJU is teacher intensive because there is so much in the teacher's manuals. I don't know that I personally could ever use a BJU complete package. I would burn out. However, BJU is a good solid program, it works well and has worked for many many students!

I have had the opposite experience than 4wildberries when it comes to the Sonlight teacher's manuals. : ) For the cores we completed, I found them fairly easy to use. I know that the highschool Sonlight core TMs desperately need some revising...maybe those are the ones she referred to??? I found all of the younger core guides to be very well done and in the best order that they could possibly be in considering all the material that they contain.

Honestly, those two choices are at such opposite ends of the spectrum in both content and approach. My suggestion would be:
Sit down and write out your goals for homeschooling. What do you want your children to learn? Do you want biblical integration? Are they on grade level as far as you know? What are their ages? Do you want to combine any of their studies? How many hours a day are you going to invest in teaching? Do your children WANT to hs? (that can make a difference when it comes to what curric you choose). Then come back here, post your students grades and perhaps we can be of a bit more help???


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