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The Learning Box Preschool REVIEW!!!!!

The Learning Box Preschool REVIEW!!!!!

I wanted to share this review for any of you looking for a monthly preschool curriculum-in-a-box. I received mine and I just love it. It has structure, tells me exactly what to do, and has plenty of art activities for the creativity challenged! But it's also very easy-going and not rigid.

Everything is laid out in the manual. And all the materials except for things as paint, play-doh, etc. are included.

I like the monthly themes because they co-incide with holidays. Such as for November, some of our lessons are going to work around Thanksgiving.

The manual is great, it tells me what I need at a glance and also what I really like is that all of the day's activities are already sorted in their own separate bags! So the bags are labeled (day 1 materials for 1 child, day 2 materials for 1 child, etc.) It looks as though all the materials are either pre-cut or can be pre-cut very quickly.

Since this was my initial order, I also received a flag, the pledge, weather cards, a number chart and an ABC chart.

I also want to try out Carol's and Berry Best Preschool, but wanted to share about this as well. It's low-key but still provides seasonally appropriate themes for the month and includes enough stuff to keep dd busy and still have fun and learn.

It wasn't cheap, at $47 (including shipping) but is only $5 extra per child. And really when I saw all the materials as well as the amount of organization there was, I'd say it's worth the price. All of the "preparation" is in at-a-glance boxes. After checking off what I need, all I have to do is grab the "day bag" and I have everything I need right there. I'm one of these who'll pay extra to have things done for me, so the price was worth it. I was expecting all of the materials to just be thrown into a box, not actually sorted by when I'd need them!

It even included some nice books to read as well.

If you're looking for something that you can buy monthly without commitments and/or that fits a monthly theme, want something low-key but still having lots of activity as well as completely organized for you, then I'd recommend this!

Here's the link:

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re: The Learning Box Preschool REVIEW!!!!!

Sounds perfect for me. What a time saver!!! I'm going to see if they have anything for older grades. thanks!

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