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ACE Paces Chemistry?

ACE Paces Chemistry?

Has anyone used Paces Chemistry? My son liked the videos and small paces for their Biology course. How is the chemistry? He doesn't want to be a scientist. We just want him to learn, hopefully enjoy it, and do well on testing.


re: ACE Paces Chemistry?

Apologia was our go-to science... until it came to chemistry. My oldest was dying in math at the time, so there was NO WAY we were going to attempt Apologia! She did the Chemistry 101 DVDs (which have very little math in them) along with some real books, research, and writing. It was a great fit for her.

My dd #2 always did science with a friend, and that friend's mom was a nurse, and even she agreed that she didn't want to attempt Apologia for our girls, so we agreed to try ACE instead.

Well, about three weeks in, we realized that we'd both been "consulting" the Apologia Chem text for explanations in order to help our daughters with their lessons because Dr. Wile just explained the terms and concepts so much better than ACE did! At that point we decided to just give it a go with Apologia, and thankfully, my dd was on board because her competitive nature kicked in (even though she's not very mathy) and she decided she was going to conquer it. (She ended up with a B, after a LOT of hard work.)

Btw, I had also popped in the ACE Chemistry video and thought it incredibly boring.

BUT.... If your son liked it for biology, then he might like it for chemistry, too. I shared our story because of the part about needing to go to another text for better explanations, as it seemed like the ACE text assumed the student already knew some very important terms and concepts that they'd need for the whole course. Maybe better explanations were given in the video and we just didn't watch far enough, I don't know. But chemistry is a very different set of skills and way of thinking than biology, so even though one may like a certain publisher for biology, that doesn't automatically mean they'll like the same publisher for chemistry. That's why we used (or attempted to use) something different for chemistry.

There's also a lot more math in ACE Chem than we'd expected there to be... so it proved not to be any better for us than Apologia after all. (Each lesson in ACE is shorter, though, so that's a positive.)

And my dd's friend that she did science with? I don't know what her final grade was for chemistry, but I do know that she never actually finished the book. I ended up giving my dd open book tests (using the study guides, not the actual tests) for the last few modules in order to get it done.

So for the next student that my dd's friend's mom (the nurse) had to teach science to, she went with the PAC Integrated Physics and Chemistry course. I don't think she ever did a full-credit chemistry course, and I know she liked the PAC course much better than ACE. So consider whether your son actually even *needs* a chemistry credit for his long-term goals... it's possible that he doesn't.

Also take a look at Friendly Chemistry.

re: ACE Paces Chemistry?

The things your son experienced are exactly why Dr Wile wrote his new high school Chem. book, Discovering Patterns with chemistry. He realized that home schoolers needed a better choice than the options out there besides the mess that the 3rd edition of Apologia's Chemistry. You might take a look at that also.

After previewing the 1st part of Dr Wiles book...which was written by him in answer to problems that were created by the 3rd edition of Apologia's Chem book ( and the problem that 2nd edition of such book was now scarce as "hen's teeth) I realized that my student would never be able to handle the math and despite the fact that the new book is super good at explaining some very difficult concepts, it just wasn't a good fit for my student.

I had recently run into the same problem of trying to adapt Biology to my student also...he hated Apologia biology and it really was more than he was going to need as far as details ....and then I heard about the new Friendly biology that came out in the spring of 2017. Wow wasI happy as it was perfect for my student ( total farmer boy and not really motivated to get biology in the manner needed for Apologia) And yes it IS high school worthy...I am a biology major from college and it is just like what we had in high school many moons ago...and by the way it prepared me nicely to major in biology.

I had never heard of their Friendly Chemistry either till I learned about Friendly biology...and so after checking out Apologia's Chem....I decided to get it and it is going to be perfect for my student's needs and his math ability when we get there. AND yes it is high school worthy... It is just like what we had in highschool again and I also had no problems with college chemistry.

So take a look at Friendly chemistry also...

I still have Discovering by Dr Wile if your new except where I underlined a few concepts when previewing...


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re: ACE Paces Chemistry?

Mostly bumping to displace spam.

We used ACE paces for Physical Science and Biology, and it worked well.

re: ACE Paces Chemistry?

Thank you for the suggestions! I will look into them. Are there other chemistry programs with perhaps an online teacher? I work full time and homeschool 4 kids so time is not my friend. 😊

re: ACE Paces Chemistry?

Are there other chemistry programs with perhaps an online teacher?

We used BJUP Chemistry with the teacher. At that time, Bill Harmon was the teacher and he was ***excellent***. My dc who were not sharp in math did extremely well in that course because his explanations were so easy to comprehend. I myself struggled through HS chemistry, and even I could understand. :) If he is still teaching that course, I could not recommend it more highly. If they have another teacher, he or she might be excellent too.

If that (or another online course) is not a possibility, if it is logistically possible, you might enroll your dc in a h/s co-op. My dc took some secondary science courses in a h/s co-op, and that was a real blessing at the time.

Chemistry in general -- regardless of publisher -- is one course I would not expect a student to be able to understand on his/her own, with only a textbook as "teacher".

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re: ACE Paces Chemistry?

Just here for a quick minute. Adding to my last post, I checked on the BJU Press Chemistry distance learning course. Bill Harmon still teaches it. Here's the full info:

re: ACE Paces Chemistry?

Thank you!! We couldn't do co-op bc of my work schedule but the BJU Distance Learning looks great!!! I agree, to me, chemistry requires a teacher and not just a textbook. BJU seems to hit all the marks! I will have my son look at it this week. Thanks again!

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