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Please help...

Please help...

My daughter has had EVERY trauma in her past, including substance abuse from her birth mother, head injury, stroke, neglect (2 years in orphanage) malnutrition, adoption and another head injury (car accident after we got her at age 2).

She always appeared and acted "normal" for her age, except for the learning difficulties that are due to comprehension issues.
However, as the years pass, she seems to be gradually losing ground. She is now 15 and some of her friends have been telling her that she acts 'different'. She doesn't know what they mean, but I can see that she acts very young for her age, like a 10 year old. Now that she is getting older, the difference is showing up more, so I took her to get evaluated.

I had her evaluated at a Brain Balance Center and they placed her at an 8th grade reading level, but about an age 9-10 for comprehension. (5th grade). Math was grade 5 also, which I already knew.

Her sensory perception is at 53%.
Visual processing is 52% (grade 4.4)
Audio processing is at age 9.
Sensory Motor Skills are at age 4-5.

The Brain Balance Center recommended temporarily stopping her schooling (since very little would stick anyway) and then 10 months of treatment, but because the cost for that amount of time is $20,000, I am doing the home program (brain balance/brain integration exercises) that is outlined in Dr. Melillo's book.

Does anyone here have any idea what resources I can find to help her? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have started on the alternative approach, getting her some NeurOptimal treatments, setting her up with brain integration therapy/craniosacral therapy, but if there is anything out there available for children like her, or if you know of any programs, I would appreciate your help. Thank you so much in advance!

re: Please help...

I am so very sorry to hear that about your daughter. I am sure that with your loving help she will improve lots. The only thing that I could suggest would possibly be Diane Craft's website. I know she does brain integration therapy and has lots of things to help. Google her and it should pop up. Other than local hospital related type services, that would be my suggestion.

I will pray for you, your daughter and your family as you go through this.


re: Please help...

Mostly bumping this up.

Are you working with an occupational therapist currently so that you do the correct "brain" exercises and all of that? She might benefit from sensory work, combined with various games such as

with that said, I don't use the suggestion in equippming mind for motion sickness medicine. please check with your doctors before doing that one.
With equipping minds, we don't use the passive listening aka sound therapy international but the main curriculum with the cognitive therapy games. I'm not sure you need the "main package" (about 350 dollars) but it's easier that way to get that. The next level down is the "teacher manual" and training dvd. and I figured for the marginal difference in price, I did the upsell. I felt like it was worth it in the end with the extra training hours and extra ideas. so it really wasn't an upsell. and if you have not been doing years and years of "floortime" and other at home therapies, then it's worth to get the 350 dollar package to watch and get ready to do at home. yes, it will replace "academic curriculum". and that's ok

check out: "maintaining brains everyday" (from pyramid of potential). I don't know anything else about the products from pyramid of potential, but the maintaining brains video is something that my dd's occupational therapist supports.

some children (under age 18) are eligible for social security disabilities. SSDI, SSI. go find the local autism group or the local down syndrome support group. tell them. not the same diagnosis, but oh I feel alone and need the help.

oh, we've had fun with


and "eye can learn" free stuff

and finally, as hard as it may be, have you talk to the other parents about including your child and explaining her disabilities?

re: Please help...

WoW!! Thanks for the help!

I have been doing almost constant online research since I got her report. I am going to check out all of your suggestions today, but am also going to have her evaluated by the behavioral health system locally for a second opinion.

I took her to a place called Inception here in Michigan, and the owner told me that he treated a 7-year-old girl who was also adopted from an orphanage who was assessed as a 3-year-old by a behavioral health professional. The NeurOptimal (brain training) treatment was able to raise this little girl from an age 3 level to age 7 in a short period of time. (The followup evaluation was also done by their behavioral health professional). He said that sometimes trauma will 'shut off' parts of the brain and cause blockages. Just clearing the blockages will allow the child to grow emotionally and academically.

We have an appointment with someone who does hands-on brain integration therapy also here in Michigan. I am anxious for that also.

I will keep you up to date with what I find. So far, the NeurOptimal has shown some positive signs. She has had four treatments.

In the past, I had asked about SSI and they told us that because we have assets, (we are saving for retirement) she does not qualify. So she will have to wait until age 18 for assistance, if we decide to apply for her.

You girls are a wealth of information! Thank you so much for your time and concern!

re: Please help...

Also we did OT and PT for about 10 years with the OT including brain gym.

re: Please help...

Bumping so I can find it later.

re: Please help...

So she will have to wait until age 18 for assistance, if we decide to apply for her.


same here with my youngest.

re: Please help...

oh, auditory processing, memory that stuff

this might be helpful

there's a home version subscription. we're using it currently. some of the stuff my kid does not need, but some of it is spot on. nice with remembering sequences of words, numbers, etc. That seems to pop up on evaluations of iq and such. good to have stuff???


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