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Highschool Science Order

Highschool Science Order


I am wondering about an individualized science order for a ds doing Algebra I for 8th this year (He is doing great with it.).

He has an interest in Physics and Chemistry, and he enjoyed Fullbright’s Chemistry / Physics when he was in 6th. He has talked about having an interest in doing Highschool AP for both Physics and Chemistry (at home). For 7th / 8th he has done some of the books from Master Books that were done for Highschool. He has had science since Kindergarten. Biology is his least favorite science, and it does not draw his interest.

Could I individualize the science? Could I ignore the traditional and do:

AP Chemistry
AP Physics or an elective if interests change

He wants nothing to do with Biology. I will have him do some anatomy or health at some point.


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re: Highschool Science Order

we had the same issue- ZERO interest in biology no matter how I sliced it and diced it. The fact is that majority of colleges/universities want to see biology on the transcript somewhere.

Our solution was to do an online course with video and teacher feedback along with few labs and article reviews and my dc is doing it. Not LOVING it by he is getting it done. We used Honors Biology (they also have regular biology as an option).

As far as individualizing science- have at it. As long as basic 3 are covered if your dc is planning on college (biology, chemistry and physics). Mine for example plans to have biology, chemistry, physics, possible AP Chemistry or just dual enroll and do college chemistry as well as astronomy and natural disasters (his second favorites after chemistry) by the time he is finished with high school.

re: Highschool Science Order

Thank you for the replies cbollin and housemouse! Both of you gave me needed information, and your information helped push my thinking forward.

I read your post yesterday cbollin, before you deleted, when I didn’t have time to respond. Your insights and family experience were helpful.

He is my oldest so I am a tad nervous as we face Highschool for the first time in September.

It is good to know the difference between AP (trade mark) and advanced. I didn’t realize that distinction.

It is good too to realize without our knowing 5 years from now that most colleges want the 3 main science credits (Bio, Chem, Physics). I know he will enjoy the latter two!

I had a great talk with him last night about some of these issues. He wants to keep the doors open with college prep for Highschool. At one point I had him look at BJU 7, Apologia 7, and A Beka 7. We ended up doing Master Books for 7th, but he remembers enjoying the reading of A Beka the most between the 3. I think we will have to do the same with Biology and add in ACE samples. We are going to a conference / convention in April so we could look then. My DH should look too since he knows much about Biology. I think a part of me is actually excited about the interest level of Highschool material. 😊

Thank you ladies!😀. You were both helpful.

re: Highschool Science Order

I read your post yesterday cbollin, before you deleted, when I didn’t have time to respond. Your insights and family experience were helpful.

I went back and didn't understand what I had written. I deleted and meant to make it easier to follow. plus with too much info on certain colleges it was just too much to read. but I forgot to rewrite it. oops.

basically, in nut shell, not much different from housemouse's thoughts in that you might have to do a biology as part of the admissions needs while doing individual paths. A few places out there may not say bio specifically. But it's easier to get a get er done biology just in case the college needs the check box. summer school course can work on that too. college admissions likes to see the variety in science or something like that.

experience personal is that we did biology even with engineering, comp sci, math triple major child. and hubby was meh about biology, got phd in chemistry and is the phd chemistry person in a structural biology research group. found that funny in the long run.

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