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High school questions

High school questions

I am looking forward to high school as my oldest is 7th grade this year. If we were to use Queen science for high school, how do you list it on a transcript. Especially if colleges want lab science and specific curriculum titles?I

What about Master Books for science. Is there science in depth enough for college prep?

I am pretty sure we will do ACE Biology. As for other ACE science i am not sure. I hear they are quite math intensive. Unless my son has a miraculous improvement in his Math skills in the near future I don't foresee using a math intensive science.

Whatever science we choose though, I want it to be enough for college admissions should he want to go. I have looked up college requirements for the schools around here and a popular, larger school just to get an idea of what he will need.

Most schools require 2 or 3 years of laboratory science. I just don't know if we can go outside the box at all. Meaning, doing other science besides the usual.

Edited to add: we are not fans of Apologia. Probably not BJU or Abeka either. Although if I find nothing else I may consider Abeka.

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re: High school questions

We've done Apologia, Abeka, and BJU science.

Our easiest to implement, most organized experience was with Abeka DVD science. We did chemistry and it was engaging and solid in its teaching. The video lesson guide left nothing out. The kids knew exactly what to do each day. Labs were done together in class and we could follow along and do the lab workbook and readings.
It was a great program.

BJU was engaging and solid as well, but there was less clarity in the teacher's materials. It was also just TOO much busywork and papers to organize. Abeka was just as good and their layout of teaching materials and instructions were clearer.

I would give DVD science a big thumbs up for high school if you don't plan on doing labs at home yourself or are not part of a co-op/class. There's a lot to be enjoyed and learned at the high school level.

Just my two cents :)

didn't realize OP lived in California and needed specific to that state. so never mind on my thoughts :) all good

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re: High school questions

I just don't know if we can go outside the box at all. Meaning, doing other science besides the usual.

generally speaking for vast majority of college admissions, you'll want to have a biology, and either "chemistry or physics" then any 3rd class in science you want. (for those going into STEM major, you need 4 sciences usually, and try to get bio, chem and physics, and then any 4th )

For suggestions to think ahead, take a look at the list on homelifeacademy's course guide. click on the science section to open it up. here..

re: High school questions

Colleges usually want Biology and above--lab sciences.

Here's an article from the University of California regarding lab sciences.

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