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High school science

High school science

I need some advice, please!! This is our 3rd try with Apologia. We did half of General, ditched it. Half of Physical, ditched it. And now we are halfway through Biology and not really loving it. I think I always go back to it for it's price and supposed ease of use. However, I think I'm finally done. So, what next?

Problem 1: Even if we finish Apologia Biology, we still haven't touched human anatomy. How do we cover this if we don't want to do Apologia again?

Problem 2: What do I use for the rest of my kids? My oldest is my guinea pig, and while I realize all kids are different, I don't think Apologia is ever going to be used here again.

I don't know what my kids want to do with their future, but I would like them to be prepared for college/university so science is important. The BJU online option is affordable, but it sounds like it's about the most rigorous program out there, which I'm not sure I need. Abeka looks good, and we like their elementary science, but the online/DVD option is soooo expensive for just one course. I'd welcome any advice :)

re: High school science

Well I am in the position of having tried all three of these. :s
This year we went with apologia for a couple of reasons...I can’t say we love it, but we are sticking to it to get the job done.

Abeka is good, plenty rigorous, and the teachers do a good job. Ny oldest did fine with these courses; my second ds had a love hate relationship with abeka. It moves quickly and he felt pressure to keep up with oldest since I combined a way it was too much for him....this is video 50 minutes, reading selections and homework stuff. But he had a full load of other abeka courses on dvd so it was like burn out for him if that makes sense.

So second ds did three abeka science dvd courses and apologia biology this year. I’m slashing some of the bio so he can do some of the anatomy book because that’s his interests and this is his last year.

We initially tried bju at the beginning of the year. Oh my! I was shocked and dismayed by the loose leaf stack of paper they sent me to keep up with!!!!!! I’ve never seen any thing like it. Abeka was not like that. My ds and third dc began watching videos. The teacher talks a bit like a mommy holding a dc hand. These are high schoolers and my dc were a bit put off by that. We didnt get past first few days.i was not willing to do it without that’s when we went to apologia.

Third dc has done abeka phys sci and now apologia. She conforms to whatever. She struggled at times with phys sci but made out ok. She has done better with apologia but I think it’s the subject matter.

We probably will return to abeka next year. I’ll have two in high school so I will order a mix of six courses for dc for price of one enrollment if abeka is still doing that.

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re: High school science

I can understand your feelings about Apologia. We used it with our oldest with great success, but not so much with our next child. It was just a horrible fit. After trying for two years to adapt and make it fit, I finally just admitted that although it's a great curriculum, it's just not a good fit for my younger kids. I've since moved the younger kids to ACE, and am loving that quite a bit. I know there seems to be a negative stigma with ACE for some reason, but I think it's great, and so do the kids. They are learning so much, and find it very colorful and interesting.

If you're in need of more Biology, especially the anatomy/physiology topics, you could see what paces might cover that, and finish out your biology credit covering those remaining topics you need. This is just my two cents of course, and may not be at all what you're looking for, but thought I'd mention just in case. Best wishes! :)

re: High school science

I got tired of trying to adapt Apologia Biology to my student ( I personally like it BUT it is not going to work for him) when I saw here something about Friendly Biology.....we are now using it and it is a much better fit...and includes anatomy.

I highly recommend it and it is much more like what i had in high school and as a Biology major in college I never had any trouble with my major because high school didn't prepare me.

Apologia is great ...but for super motivated and interested students as it is basically college material minus the anatomy...I know you could do AP and pass if you wanted to using it. I went thru the entire Apologia book this summer, reading and trying to figure out how to adapt it to my student as I have had to with General and Physical Apologia....and when I heard of and learned about Friendly biology...YEA! Why reinvent the wheel..and it going much better with much b etter retention, understanding and ATTITUDE as it fits him and our need so much better.

Don't get me wrong it is NOT "cream puffed" down easy...just better way of presenting more relevant material to the high school level student in my estimation.


re: High school science

Problem 1: Even if we finish Apologia Biology, we still haven't touched human anatomy. How do we cover this if we don't want to do Apologia again?

With my oldest and middle, we simply added a unit at the end of the year by doing this:

other issues in anatomy were ongoing talks in our house.

In the long shot that you still have General sitting around.. on wait, you said you ditched saying look now at the second half of book. never mind.. you ditched it.

suggestion if you want a little something to try one more thing to finish out the book this year: get the at your own pace version of
and maybe go with open book and notes for any tests. it's not evil and horrible to do that in regular high school level. or if you have time, re do the apologia test so the vocab is matching.

and if you have video stuff to watch, it's ok to do that. for example if you happen to have a subscription to discovery streaming, look up some videos on the topics and enjoy.

Problem 2: abeka is popular on here. friendly biology looks good.

also for possible solution, consider a class instead of self taught. There is nothing wrong with teaching at this level instead of "independent". Some students need more interaction to learn no matter what you use.

re: High school science

and it should be mentioned, that in terms of enough for general knowledge, you might see if the materials you plan to use for Health credit/course have enough "anatomy" topics to not fret on this. I know with my oldest and middle, I should have just chilled about it as they got plenty info in Health class and they wouldn't have done the coloring book I linked above if I hadn't been worried that I had left something out. live and learn.

re: High school science

With my older children, whom have all graduated, I tried all those you've mentioned. Apologia worked, ok for dd. However, I'm not sure she really remembered much of what she learned. BJU, ummm no, pretty much for the reasons you mentioned. Oh, I guess I didn't try ABEKA at that level. *I* have reactions to it!

What I've found, and will stick with, for my final son is ACE. All of mine did it for Biology and my twins -age 21-, who really disliked school, will occasionally pop off some random fact that they remember from that course, and talk about how that was their favorite subject. My next to youngest used exclusively ACE, at the HS level, and he talks about how his children will use ACE. It was a very good fit for him.

re: High school science

Do you have any in person classes nearby?

Our problem wasn’t so much the curriculum but that, to tell you the truth, I really dislike science and it rubs off on my kids. Apologia is about as easy to use as you can get (other than ACE) so if you can’t make it work it might be lack of motivation. ;)

Plus, it’s much more fun to do experiments with a group, and for those kids who don’t enjoy the actual Science very much, having outdid grading and friendly comraderie, or even competition, in a small classroom environment will often help them to push through the daily grind of taking notes and studying.

It was really working for us. First semester my dd took it at a co-op and second semester we are using Curr Click, we really saw amazing results with the class but she had to drop it due to unresolvable conflict with the teacher (not related to science)

I can’t wait till next year so she can take Biology with the other teacher at the co-op!

It’s worth every penny!


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