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Do you go to conventions?

Do you go to conventions?

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This is our 11th year of homeschooling, and I've never gone to a convention. DH and I were talking about the logistics of trying to get to one in the future (we still have 9 years of hs'ing left). It would be an investment of time and money, as there are none nearby. What are your thoughts? Is it a one-time and you're happy kind of thing for you? Just for beginners? Something you want to do over and over? Worth it, not worth it ... I'd love to hear your opinions!

re: Do you go to conventions?

Just helping to push the spam down! :) )

and I'm glad to see they cleaned off the last several rounds. Thank you admins :)

When I lived in previous location, I was about 1 hour easy drive from a large state convention. And easy drive to one of the large regional types. I enjoyed going to those and did so for about 9 years of homeschooling. loved seeing vendors and hearing talks.

Then I moved. There was a small convention here in the large city. And then 2 years later.. nothing. I wasn't really up on driving 200 plus miles to go to one and haven't really been to one since.

These days, I tend to grab podcasts and the free versions of some of the online conventions sponsored by various groups in the blogosphere. And ones that deal with some special needs stuff if I think it might have something with transition and after graduation/completion of high school.

I really liked going when you could look at all kinds of books and vendors and get to ask questions. I liked the feel of just seeing a lot of people interested in homeschooling. I did miss it when the convention left my current city. We switched to vendorless workshop days. long story on why that happened. and I don't know the story.

The big advantage is getting to shop for stuff and see it in person. but with online samples and youtube vids and blog reviews, I don't know how much it is needed. many of the speakers have blogs and downloads of talks.

sigh. I don't even know who's popular anymore to listen to. maybe if I were younger and not in the final 27 months of homeschooling, I'd do the drive. maybe.

re: Do you go to conventions?

I’ve always thought I’d like to go to a convention until I listened to some speakers online. The speakers were good but I’m not going to change the way we do things. I’d love to look at the books but my kids are the ones who choose what they do. I’d love to go just to talk to other homeschoolers. All the homeschool families I have met are super people.

re: Do you go to conventions?

This is my 13th year of home educating and I've never been to our large state convention. I used to live too far away to make attend without the expense of a hotel, so I opted out. By the time we moved closer to where the event is held, I was pretty set in my ways.

I have been to several smaller conferences over the years that offered speakers and vendors.

I have friends that love to go and it's a big social event for them.

With all the advice I can get on this forum and reviews and samples available online, I really don't see the need to attend the convention.

re: Do you go to conventions?

We used to have a lovely little one right near us and we went to that a few times - it made for a fun afternoon - it was just a one day event. After they stopped having that one, we went one time to the FPEA one, which I’m told is the largest in the nation. It’s huge and it was fun, and although I’d like to go back it way too much money to put out for. I’m also pretty much stuck in my ways now and I doubt I’d actually find anything or hear anything I’d really use.

But I do suggest going once if you can. It is a lot of fun.

re: Do you go to conventions?

If it would help for planning, here is a nice article on blog of the cover school I use about How to Plan Before Attending a Convention

re: Do you go to conventions?

At one time I loved going to our state's homeschooling convention. For practical reasons such as looking at curriculum. Often something looked really good to me in a catalog, but when I got my hands on it, it wasn't what I wanted.

Another reason I loved going was to be reminded of why we home school ~ it's not the academics. I've heard a number of really good speakers over the years.

Also, I really enjoyed being around so many like minded people. At the time, 10 plus years ago, it was so nice to be somewhere where I didn't feel "weird." ;)

I keep seeing announcements about our state's convention coming up in March. I feel the pull......, but now I feel so out of place, because I'm so OLD! Even though I'm not done homeschooling ~ 4 1/2 years left. I need someone to take me along as a grandma! Ha!

re: Do you go to conventions?

HOnestly it depends on you and your hubby.

I had extroverted friends who loved shopping, crowds, time out with their girlfriends and they went for the whole experience. I guess they felt like it energized them as well, seeing all those other homeschoolers. :)

One of my friends even went with her hubby because he was also a people loving extrovert and he would watch the kids and have fun at the beautiful hotel.

I went one time with my girl friends, and I found it a so-so experience. At the time, I did not really have a lot (any) discretionary income, so the 300.00 was a huge sacrifice. I had fun with my girlfriends, but then again there were a lot of blah moments sitting around and not being able to find a nice quiet spot to enjoy the downtime either. I was not too impressed by the lectures. But I was a very motivated homeschooler and never had trouble with feeling motivated until my kids were in upper middle school. :)

So, it really depends. I would say, if money is really tight... pass. If you don't like HUGE crowds, probably pass.

If you like people and would enjoy some time out having fun and have the discretionary spending money without a worry, then you might really love it. They usually choose REALLY awesome hotel venues. :)


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