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Anyone planning changes for second semester?

re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?

This last year (really two years), and especially this past fall semester from August on, were a time of big changes for our family. We went through a major church issue, so bad that even leaving it to start over somewhere else was a major issue. It affected our whole family in a lot of ways.

That being said, for multiple reasons, we didn't get much "school" done here at all the first semester. And I only have one left at home being homeschooled, in high school, so you'd think it wouldn't be THAT big of a deal for her to get school work done. But it was.

So we're starting over with a brand new fresh start for 9th grade using an entirely different curriculum that we've never used before... Simply Charlotte Mason.

I am "putting behind" (as Scripture says) and purging a LOT of the old, a lot of things that were connected to the past 8 years (emotionally and spiritually speaking), and am excited about new beginnings, new relationships, a clean and decluttered home, a clean and decluttered mind and heart.... and new curriculum. :o)

re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?


I could have written your exact post! We also had the same experience and spent this year not doing much as it affected our entire family.

Looking forward to making huge changes as well, just not exactly sure what they are yet. I have the rest of the semester left, plus one year and I aim to make it enjoyable!

Praying for you and your family.

re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?

Thanks, Annaz! I feel so refreshed now, and am looking forward to more joy in the coming year. Will pray the same for you!

re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?

Kayrenee: saving and printing your last paragraph on the "new" for inspiration! AMEN!

re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?

Kayrenee amazing post. I am going to read it and glean from it as well. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?

Agree with kayreenee on that last paragraph! We’ve also made a bunch of fresh starts and have been hoeing out like crazy.

So many things I was excited to have us try this year have fallen flat. My kids are not enjoying Good & Beautiful like I thought they would. I ended up sitting with dd 13 today and trimming (slashing) what she needs to do in it. I could have ordered a level or two higher than the level 5 I got for her, but I went with what was available at the time. She doesn’t like the grammar cards’ explanations (Nose Tree ones were her favorite!) and most of the activities are below her level, so it aggravates her and feels like a waste of her time. She does like the geography ladders, but not a whole lot more than that. : ( We’ve concluded all-in-one programs like G&B are not for us.

I’ve also trimmed Exploring America for dd 17. I ordered the book of questions, but these make us both a little crazy. I do not like how the questions and answers are written. I’m sure the authors knew what each other were thinking, but we are not mind readers in this house. We much prefer straight-forward questions and answers a la A beka or ACE.

She started doing No Nonsense Algebra this year, and was fine with the material that was review for her. But when she hit new concepts, the videos and page explanations left much to be desired. Fortunately DH is a former math teacher. He told her to immediately stop watching the videos. Since then, within 10-20 minutes each night, his way of explaining things has her off and running with the text problems, no issues.

I started reading MOH Volume 2 aloud with my middle kids this year. None of us like the way the author writes, and with the history exposure they’ve had from other sources, they often disagree with the way the information is spun. I finally told them to read it themselves. We can’t wait to be done with it. At least the kids are making the most of the timeline cards they’re drawing on plain index cards. They’ve had a blast looking up authentic clothing styles to go with specific time periods/locales and using their findings to illustrate the cards. It takes them for-e-ver to get the cards done, but at least they are motivated. In the mean time, dd 15, has been plowing through books on WWII, go figure.

I began our two youngest girls in Math for a Living Education this fall. It started ok, and it got dd 7 over a hump, but before long, I was reaaally missing Christian Light Math for them. I switched back, they’re doing great, and I feel much more confident that they’re building solid facts skills. And it’s way less mommy dependent, which is SO important around here.

I started off doing MFW K and 1 and FIAR with my 2 youngest. Note to self: If you didn’t LOVE something the first time you tried it, don’t bother trying it again later on; there were reasons you didn’t like it in the first place! Again, all-in-ones are not for us. I don’t want to have to skip around in a book in order to fit the curriculum author’s theme of the week. Just give me a book and let me work front to back with the freedom to pass by something as I see fit. Hand my kids a stack of books and let them read to their hearts’ content.

I’m learning (painfully, over and over again) that we are mostly no nonsense homeschoolers who want our schoolwork to be as brief as possible so we can be about our own unique interests and activities the rest of the day. Sonlight has been our one exception, and even that I rattle down to its bare bones.

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re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?

I kind of feel your pain, kayrenee...except we're still in the middle of some church issues. We're praying, as a family, as to whether to stay or go. Keep us in your prayers, please!

We made changes around November. I did the "unthinkable" and went to almost all Abeka DVD for ds 9th. We kept MUS, but went with the Abeka for alll the other subjects. However, we are tweaking it to some degree. I finally "gave" myself permission and some slack to not do everything to a "T." It has worked out so much better. l don't do every quiz, only some and cut other stuff a little here and there. With it trimmed down some, ds can do just fine!
This has helped me stay on track and been good for ds.

I hope everyone here has a great new year!


re: Anyone planning changes for second semester?

>>I kind of feel your pain, kayrenee...except we're still in the middle of some church issues. We're praying, as a family, as to whether to stay or go. Keep us in your prayers, please!
Will pray for you, fun@home! It is HARD, hard thing to know when it's the right time to leave a church. Not sure how long you've been at that church, but we had been there for more than 7.5 years, and had known the pastor's family (and a couple others) for even longer than that. Things had gotten so bad there -- control issues, manipulation, legalism, and kind of a cult following of the pastor -- that we chose to completely cut off ALL ties when we left, with only one or two exceptions. That was soooo hard! But even more so for our girls who'd basically been "raised" there, as they were only 7, 11, and 14 when we first started there, the two oldest were baptized there, and now they're 15, 19, and 22. In hindsight, I wish we'd left LAST January when my dh wanted to, but I talked him into staying another 6 months to see if things would get any better since we'd just had a 3-hour meeting with the pastor. Instead, they just got WORSE.

We ended up leaving on August 30th and letting the leadership know by e-mail, and listing our reasons. We kept our reasons/explanations pretty short and to the point because we knew the pastor would just twist our words, as he NEVER admits to anything wrong, and he already knew good and well what those reasons were, anyway. We also blocked his wife and adult daughter on Facebook (the pastor isn't on there himself) because we don't trust them, and didn't want them "spying" on us on FB. Drastic, I know, but that's how bad the manipulation had gotten.

We're still recovering. Better, but recovering. And I almost feel like a new believer as I'm getting back into the Word and reading it with a whole new (or renewed) perspective!

All of that to say.... I don't know what your particular issues are with your church, but if they're the kind that keep you awake at night and cause you to dread every single church gathering and wonder if you can trust people, it's time to leave! Also, if what you're reading in Scripture doesn't match what the pastor is preaching, it's time to go.


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