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I moved 5 times in South Florida while homeschooling...

I can honestly say it is much better to wait, to do the packing and haul it in the UHaul in one day, rather than taking bits and pieces. You're making it so that you don't have any sense of schedule or normalcy in November, and then you'll have December and then Christmas, losing two entire months of normal life, and I'm not talking about school.

Now, with that said, we always schooled through the summer in Florida since summer was so miserably hot anyway. If you do decide to take November and December off, This was our daily schedule:

7am breakfast
8am -9:30am pool time (bring snacks and water so you don't have to come back to the house, bring books, bring different toys, drag the high schooler there too but he doesn't have to play or get in if he doesn't want to)
9:30-10am showers
10-12 school
more school till 3pm

afternoon: something in the A/C usually: Play with neighborhood kids indoors, (if invited meet up at the splashpad park or another pool with friends- pack icepacks in a huge cooler so you don't overheat), visit the library, meet up at a bounce playhouse center, go to the low cost/free museum, (get passes to all museums you can)...use and make use of all the indoor things to do...just like you would any Florida summer!

Evening: if there's a breeze put on mosquito repellant and take a walk after dinner. If there's no breeze forget it and maybe go out to an inexpensive dinner now and then :)

and whenever you're invited to something awesome, just take the whole day off, so your kids don't feel like they're missing out on "summer" ....

We used to take the entire month of December off and school through the summer every year and my kids never missed it ....

re: Tell me it's

Hi! I read the article (link below) recently. Hope it's an encouragement! Even when it doesn't seem like they're learning, they're still learning!

It IS ok! :)

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