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Tell me it's

Tell me it's

So, with the recent decision for our family to move three hours north, school has taken a back seat. We haven't schooled in about a month, and I decided today that since we have to be out of our current rental by 11/30, we aren't schooling again until we get settled in our new home. I'm living in the old rental while DH is up in NE FL in the new rental. So, I'm left to pack up and manage until he comes to load and drive the Uhaul.

I know it's ok, and I know it's not the end of the world, but with this being my oldest son's freshman year, I feel bad about it. He, of course, doesn't care. Lol. It's just me that cares bc I don't like being behind.

Anyway, looking for some encouragement and reassurance. Lol.


re: Tell me it's

It will be OK!

I promise.

No guilt or worry for you!

Kids are learning all the time and Freshman year isn't really a big deal, you child will be fine.

You children are learning more than you can see or examine.

Life is offering many lessons here that are more valuable and applicable.

Your kids are learning much more than any book can teach.

: )

re: Tell me it's

Yup, it’s ok. To make the most of it, don’t let the kids just busy themselves with tv or video games; actively involve hem in the whole process, ie. boxing things up, cleaning out, finalizing paperwork, switching counties for homeschool, changing drs., bank things, moving, etc. we take our kids everywhere and they are exposed to pretty much every facet of life, and they have learned so much. Just keep the tv and mobile devices off, except for documentaries and research.

Edited to fix typo. There may be more. It’s late.

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re: Tell me it's

I think it’s too much time. It’s actually just as hard on the other side with moving so you’ll lose time on that end as well.
For the younger kids it’s not that big of a deal but for your high schoolers it’ll put them into a very stressful situation in March, when they realize they can’t be done until July!

I have found believe it or not that my timeline for actual packing
Is only a week. Now you can take your time getting rid of clutter, taking trips to goodwill almost every day whenever the trunk is full. Start making all your phone calls little by little. Don’t worry about every single change of address because the post office will
Forward for quite some time. In mid November buy all your boxes and tape at UHaul and make up your suitcases and medical

Packing is best when you do it all quickly, starting About ten days before the move. If you pack too early you’ll be getting stuff out and tripping over boxes, for nothing.

Whatever you pack last, as in the day before should go in boxes labeled the room and “unpack first” I’m very large letters. :)

Honestly until that heavy packing begins your teens should have no problem schooling and continuing to do light school will
Help any younger kids with a sense of normalcy.

re: Tell me it's

I've already started packing, and what's making it harder is we're taking trips up to the new house with boxes and unpacking there. So, we might school one day, leave for three, school a day or two, leave again. There won't be as much to do there bc I'm taking the time now to do that. So, we can plug in and buckle down. My boys have been warned they may school thru the summer. Plus, I had only scheduled four day weeks bc of a co-op, but we won't be doing that up there, so we will school 5 or 6 day weeks. I think I'm ok, it's just the anxiety I think.

re: Tell me it's

It fine to go through summer.

We had a crazy year last year and one of my olders had to work into the summer.

This is not a punishment should it happen, it is just life and learning how to cope and adjust is very good.

But also look at what the public schools do.

I had heard years ago that when a book was 80% complete they called the class done. But now privately I am hearing that schools are lucky to get through half the book and they still call it done.

You wont harm your kids if they skip some stuff at the end, (Only home school families ever finish text books, think back to your school did you ever do the last page or come close to the last page...?) It wont harm your kids if you run into summer, it wont harm them if you pick up early next fall.

This is no biggie, chaos is a life lesson.

Fear not!

God knows what he is doing and don't we trust that while he caused you to move that he also knows your families education needs and time...

Fear not!

re: Tell me it's

Audios are your friend during this time. That way learning doesn't stop completely, you'll just be enhancing it.

re: Tell me it's


((Hugs)) quick changes like this are different with our kids and special needs. Yes, the adrenaline rush adds to the feelings of eek! I remember it well when life changed fast and we moved. Yes, when it came to the real packing time and physical driving and unloading, it was about one week. But my body needed recovery time after that. I didn't actually take it though. blush. too worried with the what ifs of moving to new state with homeschooling laws. too worried if I didn't keep school going. silly me.

my kids had some books and did some stuff on their own without me being lead teacher right then.

Some people do their homeschooling starting in January so that Nov-Dec is the 2 month break. so to that person it will seem no big deal to have a longer break this time of year.

Some people do year round, so having lessons in the heat and humidity of june/july in the south seems like a kind thing to do to be inside.

You may want to consider having the ninth grader do some school work in different ways (audio books, or oral reports for example) so that you are moving forward while moving location. Have his "research" unit in English be "geography time" as well by being the one to find thing online maps, etc.

My guess is that learning will happen during the break because it has to happen with new geography, etc. It may not look like the typical "school" approach you prefer for a few weeks. And sometimes that's not a bad thing either.

And you may find that you change your mind in 1 week and get some "preferred school approach" work done as well.

I'd find ways to encourage them to do some learning - even if school is in a packed moving box, and composition time is about making lists of new places to go, and just where everything is and how you feel about it.

keep moving and stay calm :)

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