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Looking for encouragement and advice

re: Looking for encouragement and advice

I have also had battles with anxiety. I hope you're addressing it from all angles as there can be so, so many causes. Mine turned out to be related to very low estrogen levels, other more minor anxiety had been related to sleep deprivation. I hope you get better soon!

As far as curriculum, I would say you have to sort of combine whatever inspires you with whatever is practical. I would try to find something that combines what really inspires you (CM) with what's practical (not teacher intensive)

To that end I would say, unless your children have learning challenges to use a lot of Queen's materials across the board and add in some lovely read alouds just for fun.

The only caveat is that I think you should continue with the same spelling from last year, if it was working, since those subjects build on each other sooo much.

with queen's I would encourage you to double up lessons if it's too easy, but not to add and add until your kids have too many things to juggle.

Another idea is to consider The Good and the Beautiful, but I've heard that can be a little teacher intensive.

Last, joining a co-op might give you some motivation and inspiration as well as accountability. I found that when I had anxiety I wanted to keep things sooooo simple that I hardly joined anything and that turned out to be the opposite of what I really needed.


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