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I highly recommend MUS if a child has lots of math anxiety and struggles. I don't know if that fits your child, but it has really helped my ds. Of course, you know your child better than anyone else. I think everyone has mentioned some great programs, but MUS would be my top pick!


Tips to Teach and Improve Slow Learners

slow learners are being a part of regular schools. The only problem with them is that they learn concepts and achieve developmental milestones at a pace slower than their peers. Teachers and parents play pivotal roles in a slow learner’s life. They help and motivate them in learning new things. Creating a healthy and conducive environment for a slow learner to improve their pace. We have put up a few motivation tips to help them cope with at least the basic issues.

1. Be patient with slow learners

Educator should keep patience while helping the slow learner and need to be consistent with the whole process. Main problem with slow learner is their weak cognitive skills coupled with the slow speed learning. Educator should find some creative solution to cope up with this situation. Try repeating every basic instruction, keyword and concept time and again without being boring.

2. Encourage and Teach the right things

Encourage them to come-up in the class and appreciate them in doing activity or volunteering. Recognize and reward their participation. This will give him self confidence and to do the right. This may include following the correct instruction words (count, color, circle, etc.) or listening and focusing on keywords. Remember the main goal is to make them self-sufficient.

3. Use lot of games and activities

Games and activities which student loves bring their interest into whatever topic you are teaching. It increases their engagement and can help then to do this for longer time. One such game for multiplication, we use in our class is Say cheese You can get more such games for other topics also.

4. Give them special takeaways

Hand out smiley, stars, or visually graphic information sheets. One good idea is to give lesson pamphlets for pinning them to their soft boards so that they are surrounded by constant reminders of lessons and activities. You can also draw smiley and star in his hand which will be a constant reminder of his success.

5. Lastly, a few don’ts:

Do not scold him in front of others. You may explain the things in private.
Do not emphasize on writing, concentrate on reading. Oral education is more beneficial for them.
Encourage to do hard work to complete their tasks even if you need to postponing it. Do not be overprotective. Their slow learning should not become Their introduction.

re: re: Math Advice

I'm not sure Saxon would be a good fit. While it doesn't move super fast, it also doesn't give students time to let things sink in, either.

MUS sounds like a better fit. Just go back and repeat as necessary :)


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