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Funny how things change over time... preschool

re: Funny how things change over time... preschool

A friend of mine has a daughter who has SPD and speech delays and she went to PreK last year at the age of 4. It made it worse! This little girl, who was already overwhelmed from being in school had homework to do every night and the joy of reading sucked out of her with reading logs. PreK wanted her to miss speech therapy to do things such as meet winter characters at her school. To add to all of that, the little girl did not know what she was supposed to for Kindergarten by the end of the year. Yet over the summer with her mom reading to her and with her, letting her use education apps and watch educational TV once in a while and simply doing "life" with her helped. In a few weeks she learned more than she did in a whole year of PreK. Oh and her speech did not improve at PreK whatsoever. Thankfully, homeschools operate as private schools in her state so she can get services for her daughter without her being in school. I feel for those in states where that isn't the case. For some disabled children, being at school, especially all day, is just about the worst thing you can do for them. Homeschooling this child is not half as stressful for my friend as trying to calm her down after school and then forcing her to do her homework.

My friend and I are both "low income" too and our children are 100% better off at home. Even children homeschooled by mothers with an 8th grade education do better than children with mothers with an 8th grade education who attend school. I do think preschool has its place for people who simply cannot or will not provide a good learning environment for their children for whatever reason. If the 4 year old is really severely disabled, and probably moreso than my friends daughter, who seems very normal to strangers other than her speech delay, then that might be a situation where this applies. Still, I would not EVER want it for my own. It would break my heart to have to send my kids away for that long every day, and them then coming home at 3 and still not being able to have quality time because the 3 year old has homework.

And yes, I think six hours of school for a non disabled 3 year old just so he can be around normal kids is excessive and personally I would exhausted every other possibility before doing that. Sadly, the half day preschools are mostly private and if you cannot pay it out of pocket, you have to use public which forces full day down your throat from age 3 on most places. Mostly it's free daycare with homework slapped on so you can say it's "school". Great if you work those hours, not so great if you just want a bit of support for a few hours a day.

My oldest will be five in October and we are doing K only because he really wants to learn how to read. I would have gladly unschooled another year if he wasn't as interested because he wouldn't even be in K because of the cut off.

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