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re: Show me your high school line up

Show me your high school line up

I am trying to figure out what I need for 9th and 10th grade.
So far I have math and that's it. Show me your plans and subjects you will cover. Thanks!

re: Show me your high school line up

Last year for 9th we did:

Math - finished TT algebra 1, followed by MUS geometry (not quite done yet)

English - read a list of classics and wrote lots of 1-2 page compositions across curriculum, also a couple of research papers, brushed up on some spelling, studied A Rulebook for Arguments, and went through Figuratively Speaking for literary terms

Science - a mash-up of biology including Apologia, Concepts of Medicine & Biology and various anatomy books

History - ancient history including geography, Bible and timeline book using Notgrass Exploring World History plus extra books

Electives - Computer Science 101 from Stanford Online and phys ed

This year for 10th, he is going to do:

Math - finish MUS geometry and begin Algebra 2

English - read a list of classics, write compositions across curriculum including a couple of research papers, and do parts of Wordsmith Craftsman

Science - Survey of Astronomy from Master Books

History - Medieval history including geography, Bible and timeline book using Notgrass Exploring World History and R&S 9 textbook

Electives - Exploring Economics from Notgrass, Network System Design from SOS, and phys ed

re: Show me your high school line up

When I was starting my oldest (and my middle kid too) going into grade 9, I used this planning sheet (from my cover school) to help fill in a 4 year plan. It is set up in mind for college bound.

For my youngest, who is on special ed path, we used this as a guide to fill in the 4 years.

Hope some of those planning sheets help you with 4 year plan.

My youngest is going into grade 10 this year. She will have an English (special ed kind), Math (intro alg), 2 Sciences (scheduling them block style so each year is done in a semester) of Intro Biology and Conceptual Chemistry. Health semester, Spanish 1, and then semester of Piano 2 will fit in there.

re: Show me your high school line up

Grade 9:
MUS Algebra 1/Geometry and Life of Fred
Apologia Biology
BJU English online (lit, vocab, and grammar/writing)
BJU Geography online
Rosetta Stone
CLE Horticulture
CLP Bible
piano lessons

re: Show me your high school line up

Grade 12 (my last one, "sniff")

Bible: BJU Bible Truths

Math: Abeka Consumer Math

Social Studies: Land of Fair Play and some Uncle Eric books for Civics, Abeka Economics

Science: PAC ICP (Physics part), LOF Physics along with the Zillions of Practice Problems, Quality Science Labs Physics Set

English: Haven't put this all together yet, but have purchased and looking over PAC's English Writing Skills, and we have a list of several books to read for literature along with a reading journal (which we are designing ourselves), and thinking of Editor in Chief. The PAC English looks quite good and comprehensive so far. Had in mind their 4th level English, but it looks very rigorous for my ds.

Computer Literacy: gcflearning online

PE: basketball

Fine Arts: guitar

Edited to say .... oops, I just noticed you are looking at grades 9 and 10 .... sorry!

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re: Show me your high school line up

Thank you everyone for all of the info and links for the planning pages. Looks great! This is so helpful. And no worries about posting for 12 th grade. We will get there eventually and it gives me something to think about and plan for.
I started looking at MFW today. It says it includes English/literature. I just need to add Math, Science and Electives.
I don't know if I want to go that route. I just need something sort of planned out for me at this point. Any other ideas of what's out there besides MFW that is preplanned?

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re: re: Show me your high school line up

9th dd
English: finish TG&TB LA 7 then do Illuminating Literature volume 1
will attend two theatre productions: Shakespeare's Othello and another on Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn
Math: ABeka Algebra 1
History: TGTB 1&2

10th ds
English: Jensen’s Format Writing & Illuminating Lit. vol. 1 plus the above mentioned performances
Math: ABeka Algebra 2
Driver’s Ed
History: ABeka World History

Science: Biology with Lab
Bible: ABeka Life Management & New Testament
Geography: ABeka
Music: Piano lessons & will attend theatre production of Opera 101
Foreign Language: Korean
Health: ABeka
Home Ec & Nutrition

Also, my ds completed MFW AHL when he was in 9th.

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re: re: Show me your high school line up

Heart of Dakota is all preplanned. It's a lot but you can tweak.

We did MFW AHL for 9th but this year going out on our own.
10th grader:

Bible-Rd all of NT, More Than a Carpenter, But Don't All Religions, Growing Up Christian

History-Biblioplan Year 2

Geography-Memorial Press Geography III and Mapping the World with Art

Science-Guest Hollow Chemistry

Spanish-Lifepac Spanish I

Art-Artistic Pursuits books 1 and 2

Comp-The Lost Tools of Writing/Word Roots

Lit-Teaching the Classics/Windows to the World

Math-Saxon Algebra 1

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