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re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child

Curriculum suggestions for struggling child

I've decided to take the plunge and homeschool my rising 5th grader next year who has struggled to maintain a C average up to now.

Looking for recommendations on a curriculum that would work well for a struggling student who hates to read (although he can) and is weak on comprehension.

Since I'm new to homeschooling I like the idea of some online instruction to help me out; especially since I don't have the highest confidence in my own math skills.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child It's free and online.
So is

Don't be afraid to go a level lower, if needed.
For reading, let him read what he wants to read. That will help so much. Go to the library for ideas.

I do like Funschooling journals, but since you said online, that's why I mentioned the first two sites.

Hope that helps.

re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child

I understand what you're saying. I have a son who will be in 5th grade as well this coming school year. He, too, knows how to read, but doesn't really enjoy it. I thought I'd give you a break-down of what I will be doing with him.

My Father's World Exploring Countries & Cultures-I am using this for Bible, Geography, Science and daily reading. I have been looking over the Teacher's Manual and it is a very good guide as to what we will be doing and learning. I really think my son will enjoy this, along with the read-aloud books that are included. I am hopeful that the exciting, missionary-adventure type books will whet his appetite and help him develop a love of good books and reading for himself :)

Teaching Textbooks-My son and I struggled horribly finding a Math program that made sense to him and explained things in a way that he could understand. Teaching Textbooks was the fit we've been looking for. It's on CDs and he just pops it in to my laptop and goes through one lesson per day. There is plenty of help and explanation and there is also a workbook if he needs to work through the problems manually. My dd will be doing Math-U-See, which is more of a mastery-based program, but equally as good, just in case mastery would work better for your son.

The Good & the Beautiful-This is an all-in-one Language Arts program that I've fallen in love with. It includes Grammar, Spelling, Reading, and Writing in one handy dandy workbook. I think these books do a thorough job of teaching the student in all LA areas in an interesting and practical way.

Basically, that's all he'll be doing academically. I will add in basketball, swimming, guitar and ukulele lessons and call it good:)

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the materials that I mentioned and I will do my best to help you out. Also all the ladies here are a wealth of information so don't be afraid to ask :)

Hope this helps you out!

ETA: If you think you'd be interested in learning more about any of the materials that I mentioned, here are some links to help you research more:

A lot of times you can find these for quite a bit cheaper on eBay, just in case you're on a tight budget for school.

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re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child

A very helpful resource when you're new to homeschooling and choosing curriculum is the book, Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. You might be able to request it at your library. It's more than just her top picks, as she shares valuable information on homeschooling, learning styles, methods, and types of curriculum that might be best for your particular learner. ;)

Also, is an excellent online resource for reading reviews on lots of curriculum, not only her top picks! ;)

One other bit of helpful advice is to always use placement tests if a curriculum company provides those, as they'll help you to find just the right place to start with certain programs. Best wishes as you begin! :)

re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child

I recommend Math U See for math. Make sure you do the placement test. For language arts The Good and the Beautiful looks amazing. I have the K level for my younger two.

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re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child

Thank you all for the great recommendations. This is a huge help to me. I had not considered placement tests yet but I plan on giving him the tests this weekend. This is a great start and I value all of your experience.

I'm getting mixed information on online or CD delivered instruction. Surely it's gotta be good to mixup the delivery so it's not just me right?

Big thanks to midwestmomof2 for the recommendations. Definitely going to explore the good and beautiful as well as the Teaching textbooks. I had heard of those before from some local friends.

Anyone else have any experiences with these two curriculums?

re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child


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re: re: Curriculum suggestions for struggling child

I second Math U See!

You also might take a look at Timberdoodle's curriculum packages.


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