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re: Biology---WWYD?

Do you think this Master Book course plus the Biology 101 dvd's would be good for a Biology credit?

I haven't used this particular product from Master Books but I have used some of their products for my dd15 who is definitely not going to go on to further study in science. Even so, we found their curriculum surprisingly light. I'm not familiar with all these books but I know we used The History of Medicine in one of HOD's packages which was for middle school. The biology 101 DVD is fantastic but is also more a middle school resource IMO.

I agree with previous posters who recommended looking into the BJU online/DVD courses. Good luck in finding something that works for your family : )

re: Biology---WWYD?

I'll be the dissenting voice and say do *not* switch.

For a Science /STEM major, we found Apologia Biology to be very frustrating and lacking. The evolution chapter is filled with straw men and mis-information, so if your daughter is extremely analytical and scientific, it won't help her anyway. Rather it'll just confuse and possibly frustrate her with simplified misinformation about what modern evolutionists believe.

Jay Wile is extremely verbose and wordy and simplistic.... I really think he was focusing on the average student to be able to find it accessible....My STEM - bound son can't stand it and can't wait to get away from this book. I have read entire chapters aloud to him, and I am not even a Science person and I find it simplistic too!

(For the record, I love Apologia for some students and my daughter who doesn't care to analyze Science so deeply, and needs an basic book with the organization helps that holds her hand like Apologia does, will use Apologia all the way.)

If you want your daughter well grounded, I think you are far better off using Holt and looking at some books such as the Dawkins Letters, Darwin's Black Box, and doing her own research on the debate about YOM as well. Not all Bible believing, literal Christians believe the earth is young, so that's another matter she might want to look into on her own.

I mean it really depends on her. If you think she is actually going into a Science related field and has the mind and desire to think deeply about Science and the Bible, she probably won't like Apologia anyway and will probably need a lot more resources to be able to form her own beliefs.

Additionally, I think you should email WTM Academy and see what they can point your daughter to, as far as extra books so she can form her own, solid opinion- hopefully one that will last through college. :) I am sure you won't be the first person with that question!

Note to others: Please don't attack me for sharing my opinion...that's what we are all here for.

re: Biology---WWYD?

Oops. Accidentally posted in the wrong area. Sorry

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re: Biology---WWYD?

I still think you should stay with the WTM course...and supplement with lots of other materials, because when she does the thinking and research on her OWN, she will really own it!

BUT if you're set on switching to a Christian curriculum, BJU is much more complete and advanced than Apologia. I have several friends that used it and I've seen it and was very impressed with the scope, depth, and overall tone of the book.


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