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High School Planning 2017-2018

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

Language - Rosetta Spanish I, with some Latin & sign language
I would also be interested in knowing if people use an umbrella school?

I'll still one child in high school next year. special ed/vocational track 10th grade. share more on that in a moment.

Regarding using Rosetta Stone: If you think you have any plans at all that a student will be a college student athlete, the NCAA will want to see Rosetta Stone used only as a supplement, not the main course according to a lot of sources I've heard on this over the years. so get a textbook with it or something.

Regarding "umbrella schools". I use one but only because I live in a state where we either report to local district or report to cover school (aka umbrella, legally called state approved Cat IV church related schools. that is something in my state)
I picked umbrella option as it's private sector and I'm a private sector type of person. I picked a cover school that is very flexible and very pro "old school" homeschooling. (meaning: not worried if it does not look like school at home). Of note, this school does not seek accreditation. I've graduated two through this school and had no problems with college admissions or scholarships. (well, ok, technically, only one has graduated and the other graduates in 3 weeks)

more in a minute on plans for youngest in 10th grade. :)

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

I'll only have one student left next year. yeah.

10th grade, (diploma track is non college bound, special ed or hopefully up to skill for vocational diploma)

English: ACE worked this year, try it again next year. continue with individual speech and language therapy. if it gets too much for her (language expression is the reason she's special ed track), then considering dropping way back to just enjoying children's literature, basic composition and grammar. thinking try good and beautiful. I know, that's a major step back, but hey, got to teach where they are, right?

Math: try an integrated approach with alg 1 and geo. will do parts of Key to Series. adjust as we go. don't know how it will look.

Social Studies: due to how we bundled and block schedule, no credit bearing courses this year. (did 2 courses in this category in 9th, one in 8th. graduation requirements are met. might do more in 12 grade for life skills/citizenship/civics.)

Science: bundle and block schedule with Life Sciences, and Chemistry with "science and food" focus. (yes, 2 classes over the year)

Health: use Total Health, with modification and accommodations.

PE: probably continuing with special olympics. this may or may not be on transcript this year.

Music lessons to continue. not sure if that will be a course, or just fun.

electives: she seems to like Spanish, so do that via discovery education streaming (an old course from 1990s with Sr. Morris)
and continue with "home ec" learning via CLE and just life.

Bible: plans to use Explorers Bible Study. not sure which book though. but NT focus.

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

Bible: New Testament & Church History MFW
Math: Finish up intermediate algebra and then Jacob’s Geometry
English: Jensen’s Format Writing & Illuminating Literature
History/Geography: Finish Notgrass world history MFW
Driver’s Ed

Bible: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study Old Testament
Math: Algebra with Dana Mosely videos
English: The Good & the Beautiful Level 8 when available & Illuminating Lit
History/Geography: Streams of Civilization Vol. 1 with Map Trek

Science: Apologia Biology w lab
Foreign Language: Korean using various resources including Talk to Me in Korean
Total Health (one semester)
Home Ec./Nutrition (one semester)
Piano Lessons
PE (counting hours weight training)

We are on our third algebra book. I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about algebra programs for the reviews by the end of the year. grrrrrrrr.

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

Cbollin... love this idea. can you explain more or what you used? life skills, or how you bundled Life Science/Chemistry with science and food.

Social Studies: due to how we bundled and block schedule, no credit bearing courses this year. (did 2 courses in this category in 9th, one in 8th. graduation requirements are met. might do more in 12 grade for life skills/citizenship/civics.)

Science: bundle and block schedule with Life Sciences, and Chemistry with "science and food" focus. (yes, 2 classes over the year)

TT Algebra 1

Combo ACE English/Easy Grammar/IEW writing (different quarters).

LifePac histoy/ PAC Geography


Technology??- Microsoft Office programs

Home Ec & life skills-


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re: High School Planning 2017-2018

Cbollin... love this idea. can you explain more or what you used? life skills, or how you bundled Life Science/Chemistry with science and food.

one semester will be "life sciences" and the other semester will be an applied chemistry. doing 2 lessons per school day, the idea is to get the credit done in a semester. You know.. the "short cut sally" method as one other poster on here called it on another thread recently. so the idea is certainly nothing to imitate, right?

why life science: that takes the pressure off of it trying to be "biology", and will show that it wasn't up to full/regular level, but a milder high school track. plan is still forming: on the table include bio101 dvd, try experiments from apologia since I have that from 2 other children, and extra videos and readings (maybe even as simple of level as Christ. kids explore biology - I mean, my kid is special needs that's her comprehension level) or possibly get rather ambitious and use a biology text that is on site. That might be the easier way to go for me.

chemistry with food focus: the lab book for that will be Gourmet Lab from this publisher

and text/info. oh my, I don't know yet. most stuff out there is over her head if it relates to science and cooking. I may just find a semester course. on the plans are "?? 101 dvd??? or "focus on chemistry' (which is semester course so i'll mix it with a semester of hands on lab from the book)

Again, this is not college bound student. she's probably going to end up on gov't benefits for permananetly disabled. (oh great, we can be poster child of homeschooling. NOT). I still dream and wish that she'll eventually be able to have a really good job like walmart greeter or maybe one of those people who fill the online grocery orders (she knows where everything is) but that's wishful thinking on my part.

sorry if I made it sound like something bigger than that. It's just one semester will be bio (well life science), the other chem. Each course will be "bundled" by doing 2 lessons per day ala block scheduling. I just want to get the hard for her school done and out of the way. Too much language skill required in social studies and science.

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

Cbollin, I should probably reply in another thread but after you shared your heart I didn't want you or others to miss.

You didn't make it bigger.. You made it practical, meaningful, personal, and individualized. If this was a house you would say character, charming, personality and definitely not cookie cutter. :O)

I love, love, love that you want the best for her and in doing so you are thinking creatively to build her up, encourage, and equip her by finding bridges meant directly for her to travel, Meeting her where she is at and helping where she is going. I know the challenges you both face can be daunting and overwhelming at times. Yet.. you are doing so much more than you realize by helping her become confident and capable in the things she CAN do! This means you are helping her THRIVE! You see her gifts, her strengths, and her uniqueness. This investment is far more than academics, you are helping to build a foundation, give a sense of accomplishment, and shape her self-confidence.

Here's an article that I think will touch many. It is convicting and filled with Truth. (ps don't forget to read the footnote 3 at the very end.. it's funny).

--in case link doesn't work
"Fish Don't Climb Trees- by Todd Wilson"

re: High School Planning 2017-2018


thank you. :) I appreciated what you shared. (ps: I realized I never answered about what I used with life skills... maybe I'll get back on that on practical side. but here's philosophical side of other stuff)

you’re right that spin off could be nice. But this is part of High School Planning too in my opinion. (maybe not what the OP wanted but oops sorry.)

Planning is not just “oh, what publisher of materials will you use and which subjects”. Most people will have average or above average students. There are some who have children who are “fish” (as in the analogy of the article) and it’s nice to hear about how to feed a fish if that helps others who have fish to teach (referring to the article of course). Although, I’m convinced my youngest is more like Tacky the Penguin – a very odd bird, but a very nice bird to have around. If I blogged, that would have to be a classic entry.. Teaching the homeschooled Tacky the Penguins. LOL. Now don’t anyone steal that from me. Wink.

Todd’s linked article. Yep, while we have to do some subjects that are hard, that doesn’t mean we can’t teach it to the “fish” in the way the “fish” learns something. That’s why I use the specific cover school I use. They get that. There’s stuff that we have to teach over the 4 years, but it should be individualized. One of my favorite examples was the teen who really wanted to be a professional fisherman. This kid lives and breathes hunting and fishing. (welcome to TN). So during this workshop about work bound students, the counselor from cover school encouraged mom to make his biology class centered around that. (but but but, the mom insisted, you have to do dissections and things. I spoke up probably too abruptly and said “what do you think gutting and cleaning a fish is about?!? let one earthworm be class time and the others be bait and if he hunts, uhm, get a mammal. Add in information about nature studies for fishing and hunting, and how to read tide charts for fishing, and lake conditions… you have a great course there and even potential for next science with meteorological impacts on fishing and lakes or something. . Counselor said “exactly it. Now what are we going to call it on the transcript in any an employer wants to see one? And we brainstormed. I don’t know what was finally decided. Was not my kid. But the mom was stuck in thinking it had to be biology text and dissection tray with pins in a co op lab course and apologia or abeka. And that it had to be chemistry as one of the other sciences. Nope, it could be things that will make sense for his life. Anyway, you get the point. Individualize.)

speaking my "tacky the penguin" child, this year’s “earth science/physical science” credit included readings, paper labs (such as earthquake stuff), and a lot of visits to the museum with exhibits and planetarium shows and imax theater movies on the topics. And a field trip next month to one of the fossil digs in the state. How cool is that? Get to pick up a huge thing of matrix and chip away and keep the fossils you find. She didn’t get to do a lot of that as a kid so she gets it now.

Nor does the stuff in Todd’s article mean we have to berate them for not being a land or air animal. Todd shared a very sad story about that. sad face.
If I didn’t believe in that message Todd shared, I wouldn’t be able to put up with the discouraging comments from that other thread (short cut sally, and the presumption that I’m rushing it or not providing true learning if I dare do 2 social studies, and 1 science in grade 9, and then no social studies and 2 sciences in grade 10.)
I know her strengths and challenges, and use the strengths to help face the challenges. She enjoys cooking, and grocery shopping, and greeting everyone. I wasn’t joking on jobs that she’d be ok at. I left out “part time kitchen worker at our church”. With her kitchen skills at age 14, she can only grow in that area. She’s really good at that.

Not everyone who has autism is a savant who learns to communicate fluently. So if she gets diploma (versus completion certificate) I just want honesty and integrity on the transcript. And if she suddenly in two years wants to do school, well, ok, we can do that. I haven’t sold my mfw investigate cycle yet. :)

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re: High School Planning 2017-2018

10th grade:

English - King Alfred's English (one semester) & then ??
Math - Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2
Science - Integrated Physics & Chemistry with a lab added
History - Ancients (literature approach, might use Beautiful Feet, but I'll let him choose)
Speech & Debate - through Stoa and a local club
Foreign Language - not sure yet, he needs to choose a language
And there will probably be another elective, but again he will choose it.


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