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High School Planning 2017-2018

High School Planning 2017-2018

If you have a High Schooler next year please share what courses/curriculum you are planning to use.

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

11th grade:

ACE American Literature
ACE American History
ACE Algebra 2
ACE New Testament Survey
Visual Latin 2 (with Lingua Latina)
Fascinating Chemistry
PE (one semester)/Keyboarding (one semester)
Music (through a local music school)

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re: High School Planning 2017-2018

I'll have a 10th grader here:

MUS Algebra 2 (first finish Geometry if he's not done by the end of the year)
English - list of books and writing across curriculum, maybe some Wordsmith Craftsman thrown in
Survey of Astronomy
Medieval history - using Notgrass and some other things

Plus some extras: Bible and geography I include with history, I'll count hours for phys ed.

ETA: Electives - Intro to Networking and Exploring Economics

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re: High School Planning 2017-2018

I'll have a 9th and a 10th grader next year. The plan so far is:

Saxon Advanced Math (first 90 lessons)- they are both in the same place for math, which is convenient!

Abeka Literature (each in their grade level)- maybe "just read", without quizzes and tests

Power in Your Hands Writing (my current 9th grader already started this, so when she finishes this, she wants to do Sharon Watson's fiction writing course next)

American History- I have several resources for this; I'll probably use CLE's 8th grade history book as a spine. I'm still pondering the best way to schedule everything.

Science- 9th grade- Abeka Matter & Energy; 10th grade- Apologia Biology

Lifepac Spanish (they are both working on level 1 now, and will move on to level 2 sometime next school year)

Apologetics (using primarily AIG resources)


I'm hoping to also be more consistent with nature walk, poetry, art, and other enrichment subjects. :)

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

11th Grade next year:

English: (Co-op) Easy Grammar 11, Wordly Wise 3000 Vocab, Various Literature, Writing (Don't remember the curriculum they are using for this)

Math: Pre-Calculus, Teaching Textbooks
Science: (Co-op) Apologia, Chemistry with Labs
American History: (Co-op) For Such a Time as This & various other sources.
Electives: ASL (Still deciding on program),
Critical Thinking & Study Skills (Fl. Virtual School)
I might add another elective later on in the year. Depending upon her work load.

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

Thanks for posting this, my dd is in 8th and I keep changing my mind on curriculum choices, so it's great to hear what others like. For 9th: tentatively..
History - ? BJ, MFW, Veritas, Notgrass?
Literature/Writing/Bible- ?? May depend on which history I choose
Math - Prentice Hall Foester's Algebra I w/ MWB DVDs
Science - Apologia Biology
Language - Rosetta Spanish I, with some Latin & sign language
I would also be interested in knowing if people use an umbrella school?

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

My daughter will be in 10th grade. We plan on using:

Math U See Geometry
James Stobaugh's World History
Apologia Chemistry along with the self paced class from Virtual Homeschool Group
Irasshai Japanese
The Power In Your Hands (continued from 9th grade)
Visits To North America for geography (Simply Charlotte Mason)

We do our own thing for literature and I add in lots of biographies to our history studies as well. We read and discuss the Bible for Bible and have a daily reading from a Christian nonfiction book also.

re: High School Planning 2017-2018

I will have a senior next year. A concussion has thrown a glitch into this year so he will probably have half a year of math to finish next year. Here are my tentative plans.
History-HOD US2 guide

English 4- Literature as scheduled in the HOD combined with Easy grammar Ultimate 12. There is writing scheduled with this so we aren't doing a separate writing program.

Math-Finish up College Algebra

Bible Apologetics- I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist as scheduled in the HOD guide

Economics and Personal Finance as scheduled in HOD guide

Science-Creating a Human Anatomy and Fitness course using GuestHollow's High School Anatomy as a base and then tweaking it to delete all the health things and add instead more Fitness training topics using The Great Courses Fitness and Physiology course as well as lots of videos about athletes with special needs.

Public Speaking- as scheduled in HOD guide

It may look like a lot, but hopefully he will finish math rather quickly and then for him it will be all interesting stuff. I'm really excited about his science course. I'm finding great videos to schedule.


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