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MFW RTR Question

MFW RTR Question

I'm pretty set on using MFW's RTR next year since CTC has been a pretty good fit. What I found missing for us was a wee bit more writing and mapping. I know the notebooking sheet - the blank one where we start with a subject (ex. Elisha) and then write about his life, key events, etc. but my boys need less freedom in deciding what to put down, they need something more "concrete." I have all the printed pages for the SOTW 2 and wondering are these used at all in the MFW program or could I easily add them in as we read those sections in SOTW? These are boys that need to have their hands busy while I read - so coloring in a map or a coloring sheet - while it seems like busywork - this is what cements the lesson into their mind.

Also, does anyone know of a bible that has more pictures but not kiddy? For our Bible and history time I read from the Bible but the boys follow along with the Illustrated Family Bible which has been great for the Old Testament but there isn't much in the New Testament and again, this has been really helpful because of the pictures in hooking them (my one ds is a visual learner) and my older ds reads along but because it is condensed he can stick with it longer (he's severely dyslexic). Does anyone know of something for the New Testament that would work? I may go with the Grapevine Bible Study instead because they really retain when their hands are active while I'm reading and drawing along would be awesome.

So many choices, so little time....

re: MFW RTR Question

On the notebooking pages.... I had actually purchased the SOTW AG to use with it when we did RTR, but quite frankly I liked both the illustrations and maps used in MFW better. And since Book Basket was so full, too, I really didn't need the SOTW AG at all, so I sold it.

During the first 13-15 weeks while reading Augustus Caesar's World, there's a suggestion to photocopy the several two-page spreads out of ACW which show the main characters and how they relate to one another. These are to be used as coloring sheets. My girls don't necessarily love to color (well, I have one who does but only if she can get really artistic with it), but that time period was a crazy, crazy time and there were a LOT of people involved, with a LOT of interaction between the different players. Having these photocopied pages to color while I read from ACW helped the girls keep the characters straight in their heads, and their hands busy. Even my little gal could participate in this activity.

Did you use Victor Journey Through the Bible (well, I think it's under a different name now) with CTG? You know that has pictures and short summaries of the Bible passages, as well as geographical and archeological information. It's a very nice book. This is used in RTR, too, so that's one resource you could use to have the kids following along a bit.

"How the Bible Came to Us" is colorful, and there are both notebooking pages and a couple of hands-on activity that go with that, including a game of the NT books of the Bible.

A big part of both the Bible and history lessons in RTR is reading Paul's missionary journeys in Acts. We have a great game to go along with it: "The Journeys of Paul". Shop around to see if you can find it cheaper... I don't know, as we've had ours for a long time.

The read-alouds scheduled in RTR align more with the history and Bible readings than they did in CTG, so those will help put it in context for the kids, too.

Also, there were quite a few video suggestions in RTR Book Basket, so those helped my girls (and me!) to visualize and cement what was going on, even as some of them pertained to the Bible. There are also colorful "storybooks" about the different Bible events and people that are recommended in Book Basket, so be sure to check for those.

Overall, RTR had a lot more extra resources to go with it than CTG. Ancients is just a harder time period to cover as far as variety of resources goes (especially "safe" ones for the preferences of a conservative family), so I think you'll be able to find several things to help your kids with the visuals. You don't need to buy a separate Bible with more pictures. I'll check my RTR manual later on, though, to see if there's a particular resource that's recommended in Book Basket. We never did use a picture Bible because we had plenty of other stuff to keep the girls engaged.

re: MFW RTR Question

I am using the Victor book but it is not quite the same as this Family Illustrated book - which I just happened to have on the shelf. Maybe once I order my stuff from MFW I can see what all is covered in the Bible portion - I might be able to use some grapevine studies alongside - as they are eating up the Bible time stuff and you can't go wrong with that! (especially since at this point in time we don't have a church). I already have a lot of the books for MFW so I have a little extra to buy some fun extras. I'll look for the game.

I have the AG and the student pages (was going to use a few years ago but decided to set aside and actually store in a box versus the quick resell only to have to buy again syndrome that I usually experience). I have the ACW book so I'll to look through that to get some ideas.

Really looking forward to next year - I love working together with my little boys (not so little anymore).

re: MFW RTR Question

No suggestions, but I wanted to say that I'm looking forward to using RTR next year too! I just love MFW. We are finishing up CTG and will take a six week break, then start RTR. I have it on hand and it looks great. I've got book basket books coming from amazon (I buy a lot of them used) and the kids are getting excited!!

I'm going to look at that game too. Thanks kayrenee!

OP, have fun with your boys!!

re: MFW RTR Question

Well, I would suggest waiting until you get the package and go through the manual before adding a lot of extras. RTR is *very* full, and definitely a step up from CTG. CTG was a little on the lighter side because they didn't go into detail about a lot of the 'other' cultures outside of the OT. (Reason being it was specific to the time period and how much to give younger children in that context.) But you truly don't NEED any additional Bible study with RTR. Yes, the NT is shorter than the OT, but there's a lot more going on in the world simply because the known world is BIGGER, the population is spreading, the Gospel is spreading, and the church is growing. You learn a whole lot more *culture* outside of the Bible in RTR than you did in CTG (which actually helps you understand the teachings of the Bible better.)

That culture study involves the power of Ancient Rome and its influence on Christ and the Apostles (or vice versa),the beginning of church history, both what's revealed to us in Scripture and what happened after the NT period, changes within the church, the writing and canonization of Scripture, the influences outside of the church and the power struggles between both the Catholics and the Muslims... a LOT happened.... the rise and fall of several different kingdoms, wars and rumors of wars.... *continuously* for several centuries. The world grew by leaps and bounds, as well as other (Christian) religions.

So I caution you not to get too over-zealous in buying or planning on extras until you actually have RTR in hand and get going with it. ;o)

re: MFW RTR Question

I would have to agree with Kayrenee; RTR is VERY full. Especially if you add in literature from the book basket books. My kids were 8th and 5th graders when we did it and honestly, I felt it was plenty even for my older child (who of course also had her own full schedule of science, math, etc.). I love the SOTW activity book and I remember being very tempted to add it in to that level, but I'm honestly glad I didn't spend the money. I don't think we ever would've gotten to it!

YMMV of course! :)

re: MFW RTR Question

I think the sheets from CTG to RTR will have a little bit more structure like you seem to be asking. however, there are still some that are 'free style notebooking summary sheets". If all your children are needing is direct help with "but I don't know what to write... ".. well.. here's an idea

help them write down their summary. Have them tell back the story. It is totally ok to let them look at books and you ask and point. Then, you can take the information and write it for them on dry erase and they copy.

Or you can have them copy a paragraph from a book such as the usborne history books. (just have them credit it .. copied from p. 5 of blah blah blah)

or take a paragraph or two from Streams and have them rewrite that paragraph in their own words.

You could use SOTW worksheets, or get the ones from Biblioplan or something....but you don't have to.

or you can use the RTR sheets and use some of those ideas I shared to help them learn how to write from a summary. I know my kids needed helps like that to write for a long time.

There's another part of the MFW program that will have some worksheets and pictures... use the internet links from the usborne book. If I recall, the RTR manual reminds you in a few places to do that. You'll get some pics there.

re: MFW RTR Question

I bought a ton of book basket books to go along with RTR and didn't get to over half of them. : ) And I didn't like Victor, so we skipped that. If you have another book that you could use in place of Victor, I would just use that.

Have you looked at History Based Writing lessons by IEW? They correspond pretty well to the time periods in MFW. I think the Medieval one matched pretty well but it has been a couple years so I don't really remember. The Ancient one was a great fit with CTG.


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