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re: abeka academy

Lots of people like ABeka. :-) I think I said that, too. :-)

But because of the mass numbers of people I know who had such terrible experiences with using all ABeka, especially if they enrolled their dc in the Academy, I cannot recommend it. And that's ok, because *you* did. Inquirers can figure it out for themselves. :-)

re: abeka academy

Actually, Ellie, I agree with you in the sense that you speak of "enrolling" a child in the Academy for all of their education. I can't imagine how stressful it could be to have to be constantly accountable to another school for what you do at home. Reminds of that K12 stuff. :-/

For the purpose of those who are reading who may be confused, however, one still needs to "enroll" with the Academy if they want to choose the independent option. Just make sure you are clear with your choice--you will be asked which route you wish to take. The website explains it pretty clearly once you figure out how to navigate it and get used to it, but the best way to "enroll" is through a rep. They'll make sure you get exactly what you need. They actually prefer it that way so as to avoid mistakes, which is why they offer discounts and such if you sign up at a hotel meeting or hs conference. The independent enrollment option does not mean that you have to be accountable to A Beka for your kids' schooling. It simply means that they have you on record as using their videos via the Academy. You DO NOT communicate with them at all concerning your child's progress. You DO need to return the DVDs if that's the route you take. In fact, they send them out in 3 shipments, with the first one needing to be returned before they'll release the last 1/3 of the DVDs. We usually go the online route with it though, which is much less hassle, IMO. If books are included in your pkg, then they'll come quickly through A Beka book, which is a separate entity from the Academy, which is also why there are two websites. HTH

I'm not sure which option Martinbeef used, but IIRC, she only had one child in high school to school at the time, which can also make a world of difference. I remember her speaking highly of the experience. I think she used Chalkdust for math, was so long ago... LOL Maybe she'll pop in to share. :)

re: abeka academy

I'm pretty sure MB used the academy....but I don't think she used A Beka for upper math. I think I remember some Saxon for a year or two, then Chalkdust. And I agree, too, about enrolling in the academy. It would be tough, no doubt. (And I was just trying to make a funny about the grammar...I seriously respect the opinions of others, especially Ellie's). And Nancy, you explained it so clearly!

re: abeka academy

We love the Abeka Academy and my girls do well with it. In fact two years ago I was burnt out on it so I went a different route and one of my DD begged me this year to go back to the videos. One does exceptionally well and the other one does okay. My youngest does not do videos this year but does the Abeka books and she likes them as well. We do not do Bible as we do that as a family. Spelling we use SWS.


re: abeka academy

My mother used A Beka Academy to home school my siblings and had no problems with it, or with my siblings having trouble with their workload. Plus, there's flexibility of a sort. For example, if a student knows the work and can take the test already - - that's fine. (I had some smart siblings who could do this; I was not of that sort of student.) ;-) So, not every page of every workbook must be completed with i's dotted and t's crossed. (And this advice comes straight from both the rep and the Academy. My mom conversed regularly with them and they provided plenty of support and advice.) My siblings are all really successful in their careers, some with advanced degrees, one even with a PhD, so I think it's great preparation. :)

re: abeka academy

Once I went to Disneyland for ACSI Day (Association of Christian Schools International) with a friend and her dc. We were sitting on the sidewalk in front of the castle waiting for a parade to start, and I was telling my friend about how the state Christian homeschool convention had been held at the Disneyland Hotel for many years. A woman sitting in front of us leaned over and said she had homeschooled the previous year, but that she had put her dc in school in December; I said, Oh, were you using all ABeka? She said HOW DID YOU KNOW??

Another friend had homeschooled for many years and one year enrolled her high school-age dd in ABeka Academy. She almost quit homeschooling over it.

During my 16 years as an umbrella school owner/administrator, and as a support group leader for many of those years, I heard similar stories all.the.time. Of course, I did have three families in my school who had done ABeka Academy and seemed to be happy--three, during the whole 16 years--but I heard far more stories of the ones who were totally burned out.

This has nothing to do with how good ABeka is academically, you understand. No one is arguing about that. :-)

I think people should do whatever works for them. If ABeka works for you, it works for me. :-) I just cannot recommend it myself because of the many people I've known who burned out. And many of those people used ABeka not because they had spent a great deal of time researching anything, but because they were taking their dc out of a school that used all ABeka and they didn't even think to research, or they wanted to homeschool and someone they knew who was a teacher in a school that used all ABeka (and so who had no idea that anything else existed) declared that Nothing Was as Good as ABeka.

Anyway, I know that not everyone will unschool, or like Charlotte Mason or KONOS, or TWTM/Classical. We are not all made the same, and all of us eventually find the thing that is The Secret for our own homeschools. For people who think they will be more comfortable with traditional, textbook-oriented methods for all subjects, I'll recommend BJUP, or R&S. If they want individual subjects, I can recommend ABeka for science and phonics. I think there are other school textbook publishers who have better English and history. :-)

re: abeka academy

auditory instruction? Isn't that what school is? Someone has to explain it whether its the parent or teacher on the video.

I could not recommend ABeka Academy. Over the years (and I started homeschooling in 1982, you understand) I have known *numerous* people who enrolled their dc in ABeka Academy and burned out, sometimes by Christmas, even, and put their dc back in school the following year (if not in January).
** it is a challenging program and some children cannot keep up. My children had no problems in completeing the work. I love that they are just like school. I take school very seriously and orderly. I believe people discount ABeka just because their kids can't keep up, or maybe too much work for mom. You do have to copy all tests and other papers to send them in by a certain date. GASP, mom my not be able to have that 3rd cup of coffee. What's wrong with making your kids work hard? It will pay off in the long run. People here allow their children to make too many decisions about their education. They are probably smarter than you think. And if you haven't seen it and used the full program; then are you really qualified to give an expert opinion?

My opinion is still the same, though, as far as the potential for burn-out, and the fact that doing ABeka Academy is still Just Like School, KWIM?
** again , what's wrong with school ; isn't that what they are doing? Just because ABeka doesn't do nature walks and nature journals or has kids making the space shuttle out of popcicle sticks doesn't mean it's not good.

And there's the cost factor. You can give your children an excellent education at home without spending that much money.
** considering that private schools are $10K here, $1,000 is a bargain. People easily spend that in kids materials alone. And then in the middle of the year are buying more books cause Johnny doesn't like it.
I've seen people here spend $600 just on a few books from WP or HOD. I get video instruction( love it love it love it) teacher books and student books for $1K. That's a bargain.

Actually, Ellie, I agree with you in the sense that you speak of "enrolling" a child in the Academy for all of their education. I can't imagine how stressful it could be to have to be constantly accountable to another school for what you do at home.
** I think being accountable is a good thing. It doesn't allow for play and excessive days off. Have you any idea how many people I've seen here take 2 weeks off for this and 2 weeks off for that . How do the children learn?( that's a rhetorical question) Children need and work well with a plan that is stuck to every day. Children thrive in an enviroment that has a schedule.

I have used every year of Abeka Academy. I am way beyond impressed with it. It doesn't mean it's perfect; but nothing is perfect. I think moms are afraid to use it because they don't feel their kid can handle it. If you begin them with it, you will have no problems. However , if you try to do the grammar starting in middle school after you have done other programs you will be behind. My oldest is in college. She had been told that she is the only one that can write a coherent paper, applies grammar rules, and knows what a topical sentence is and gets great grades on all her papers. I owe that to Abeka.

Just because you "know people" that bured out"; dont automatically assume that it was too much work. You will work hard, very hard with Abeka. Maybe mom doesn't want to be organized and work hard. Maybe she would rather have a Walmart educational booklet?

BJU? I've seen it. I actually got their 6th grade grammar book this year just for the writing instuction. Abeka is about 2 years ahead of BJU. Ditched it.

My children have tested yearly off the charts due to Abeka. Don't be afraid to drink the koolaid.

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re: abeka academy

Oh and let me tell you. You can call their online teachers and ask any question in any of their books and your child can get tutored free over the phone. Priceless.


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